Full Gallery & Tea: Britney Spears' New KENZO Campaign

Her "Secret Project" has finally been officially announced and fully revealed. 

Plus, an exclusive VOGUE Magazine interview features Britney's candid thoughts on her past and current fashion sense. 

 ALL PHOTOS: Peter Lindbergh for KENZO Paris

ALL PHOTOS: Peter Lindbergh for KENZO Paris

Britney Spears has always been a fashion icon - to Millennials. Even when Baby Boomer media ridiculed her fashion "mistakes," her fans celebrated them as instantly iconic milestones. Now everyone is on board, thanks to her new campaign with Paris fashion house Kenzo, shot by renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh

Remember that "Secret Project" I theorized about a while back? Turns out it was this fashion campaign. 

Even Vogue Magazine wanted more tea, and landed an exclusive interview with the Princess of Pop "Just Yesterday." In it, Britney describes her fashion sense throughout her life, pop career, and experience with motherhood. 

You can read the whole interview here, but these are my favorite revelations:

1. Ms. Spears thinks '80s fashion was "ugly." But is she wrong?

2. Vogue, of course, has the perfect one-sentence encapsulation of "Momney" style: 

The days of schoolgirl miniskirts and red vinyl catsuits are far behind her, and she tends to gravitate toward more practical, bohemian-inspired clothing, mostly in a palette of soft ivory and white.
— Brooke Bobb for Vogue Magazine

3. Her sons' untamed fashion sense is inspiring her to make daring choices again. 

4. Even Vogue Magazine appreciates her popular Instagram runway videos. 

5. She mostly wears nightgowns at home - but we been knew. How very "The Intimate Britney Spears" of her.


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Vinyl: Britney Spears "...Baby One More Time" Inside Urban Outfitters Stores

"They want more? Well I'll give them more" - Britney Spears

 Friend of the blog  @KevinMichaelT  submitted this photo.

Friend of the blog @KevinMichaelT submitted this photo.

Being the generous Princess of Pop that she is, Britney Spears is bringing "...Baby" back! Late last summer, pre-orders for the prized Limited Edition vinyl release of her iconic debut album "...Baby One More Time" sold out twice. 

The demand was unprecedented and Urban Outfitters mostly remained silent despite thousands of fans begging for more. Traditional media outlets even covered the frenzy. 

November 1, 2017, I was one of the first customers to receive the LP, having ordered with rush shipping. Fans such as myself experienced a lot of heat for being one of the lucky few to secure a copy at face value.

That was understandable, as it came to light that literally hundreds - if not thousands - of the 2500 were purchased by eBay scalpers. A single listing on eBay currently states over 100 copies have been sold for $99+. Crazy!

A "Sold Out" placeholder page for the album sat on Urban Outfitters website for months until just recently disappearing. 

Today, friend of the blog @KevinMichaelT found three copies under the "S" tab in a Toronto location. The photo above depicts the "Glory"-ous scene. When he said "you should have seen me run for it," I could literally see it in my head, because... same. He bought all three, and is shipping one to another fan - what a sweetheart!

Personally, I see this as Urban Outfitters leveling tilting the odds of getting a copy in favor of the fans. Another online listing (though possible) would definitely attract scalpers, but an in-store sale is lower profile and more likely to get into real collectors' hands. 

Our local Urban Outfitters does not have the coveted LP in stock yet, so this expanded release is likely still in its rollout stage. Stay tuned on Twitter for updates! 

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UPDATE #1 - 3/7/2018 7pm CT - @LuisKrayenhagen confirms to DerekPlease that Urban Outfitters in Seattle, WA has also had the vinyl in stock recently. 

Podcasts: Ali Levine Interviewed by Heather Marianna & Farrah Abraham

Friend of the blog, Beauty Kitchen CEO Heather Marianna has a new podcast, and it's off to an amazing start!

 Image: Heather Marianna

Image: Heather Marianna

Two weeks ago, Episode 1 featured a rousing conversation with celebrity spray tan artist Jimmy Coco. Heather and co-host Ashley Alexander had a lot of fun learning about Jimmy's new line of spray tanning products. Watch here:

Yesterday Ms. Marianna debuted Episode 2, featuring Farrah Abraham from MTV's "Teen Mom" as co-host. Their guest was Ali Levine, a creative and fabulous celebrity style expert. Watch here:

My husband and I recently watched the pilot episode of the fun new reality show "Stripped," which Ali and her husband were featured in. It was a riot! 

Stay tuned a new episode every other Monday! Episode 3 drops on President's Day, February 19. Check out the trailer for the rest of Beauty and the Boss with Heather Marianna Season One here: 

Best of all, Beauty and the Boss with Heather Marianna is available as a free video Podcast on iTunes! Enjoy on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, Android (with Podcasts app), Apple TV, and more:

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*NSYNC's Debut Album Gets a "20th Anniversary Edition" Vinyl Release

The iconic self-titled album is being released on blue colored, 180 gram vinyl for the very first time on April 9, 2018. All 2000 copies of the limited pressing will be individually numbered. A large 4-page booklet including photos, liner notes, and lyrics shall be inside. 

The track list is taken from the original 1997 CD release in Germany. Fitting, as this LP will be imported from the EU. There are 14 tracks, whereas the 1998 United States edition had 13. Songs fans stateside know, like "Everything I Own" and "I Drive Myself Crazy," are not included.

Track Listing

Side One:

1. Tearin' Up My Heart
2. You Got It
3. Sailing
4. Crazy For You
5. Riddle
6. For The Girl Who Has Everything
7. I Need Love

Side Two:
8. Giddy Up
9. Here We Go
10. Best Of My Life
11. More Than A Feeling
12. I Want You Back
13. Together Again
14. Forever Young

The 12" cover art is also taken from that original German release of the album, which is different from the 1998 US cover art American fans are used to:

Their debut is the second-ever *NSYNC album released on vinyl. Urban Outfitters exclusively pressed the *NYSNC Christmas album on vinyl in late 2017. 

You can pre-order the covetable LP on Elusive Disc for $29.99

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Britney Spears Will Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple This Summer

LiveNation has confirmed the New York City rumors that have been surrounding Britney Spears for several months. The company is her official live show promoter. 

 Image: LiveNation

Image: LiveNation

Some said we were crazy, but we really didn't care - that's our prerogative. For the fans and press such as myself who read the signs that Britney Spears would hit up NYC this year, this is juicy validation. 

It may not turn out to be the New York City residency fans and the press speculated, but there's at least one NYC show coming this summer. It's Sunday, July 22, 2018 at 8pm.

She Gave Us A Sii-iii-iign... 

 Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

The first and biggest clue came in form of the November 10, 2017 "secret project" teaser photo posted across Britney's social media. The cute pic features Britney in overalls giving photographer/documentary filmmaker Peter Lindbergh a kiss on the cheek.

Fans still do not know what was being filmed or photographed by Mr. Lindbergh, but the main theory has been an ad campaign for a residency or a world tour. 

 Screenshot: Instagram.com

Screenshot: Instagram.com

Due to the city-like set, and her apple emoji usage, many fans theorized Brit was planning a residency in New York City. She has fueled the speculation by using those apple emojis in the captions of her social media posts in the months since.

The sign in the background features Japanese writing that translates to "Piece of Me," which points to the show itself remaining largely the same as "Britney: Piece of Me" in Las Vegas.

Will There Be More Dates?

In Denmark, yes. In New York City? If we want more, Team B might give us more. Tours usually add second dates in big cities when the first date sells out fast. 

 Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

Matt Stopera lives in NYC and works in the entertainment industry there. His thoughts make a lot of sense - Britney could easily sell out a run of shows at a venue the size of Radio City Music Hall.

 Image: Smukfest&nbsp;

Image: Smukfest 

With a confirmed Smukfest Festival date coming this August, it's safe to say there are plans to take the show on the road beyond NYC.

Today there have been many rumors varying in believability, from big shows in Dublin to residency-sized venues in Pennsylvania. 

Over the past few months there have been many rumors about the UK, including people talking about the 02 in London. 

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