Exclusive: "Get Free > Creep #TeamLana" Soft Tee

The DerekPlease.com Store has its first ever piece of clothing! 

DerekPlease.com Store

DerekPlease.com Store

You may have heard about Radiohead accusing Lana Del Rey of copying their song "Creep" with her song "Get Free." This fanmade t-shirt design celebrates the clearly superior song - "Get Free."

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"Get Free > Creep: #TeamLana" Soft Tee
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The Fit: New Exclusive Britney Spears Shirt at Spencer's

All Photos: SpencersOnline.com

All Photos: SpencersOnline.com

Special thanks to Britney super fan Christopher Ryan for sharing this iconic find!

Special thanks to Britney super fan Christopher Ryan for sharing this iconic find!

The late 90s are all the rage right now, and nothing is more 1998-1999 than Britney Spears "...Baby One More Time" era. From the recent Urban Outfitters exclusive "...Baby" vinyl to the new Hot Topic "...Baby" tee, O.G. Britney has never been more sought-after. 

Now Spencer's wants a piece of the pie! If you're not familiar with American shopping malls, Spencer's is basically the naughtier Hot Topic. The back of their store is NSFW, y'all. 

Fittingly, this edgy, officially licensed Britney Spears Collection tee features a screen printed, black and white cutout of Spears from her iconic "...Baby One More Time" US album cover. Like the Target, Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic exclusives before it, the shirt is a unisex design and is marketed using male models. Yahoo! Style recently quoted my thoughts on this inclusiveness: 

As the blog DerekPlease.com pointed out, what’s different about this shirt, along with versions sporting pics of late Mexican singer Selena, is that Target’s typical music fan offerings for men up until this point focused on male artists or rock bands.
— Sabrina Rojas Weiss at Yahoo! Style

The tee features a tagless design. Unlike Target's exclusive shirt, this is made of 100% cotton. The sizing variety is a bit narrow, with only adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large available.

As of 12:30pm ET on 12/14/17, sizes Small and Extra Large are currently sold out. 

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The Fit: Torrid Debuts Plus-Sized Britney Spears Tee

"From the bar to the car" to the... mall!?

Images: Torrid.com 

Images: Torrid.com 

We've spoken about the amazing inclusiveness the Britney Spears Collection is showing by creating unisex fits and marketing to male fans. However, the plus-sized category was largely being left out. Finally, we have a Britney tee for Women's Sizes 10-30! 

This gorgeous, 100% cotton design from the Britney Spears Collection features a stylized edit of her classic Britney 2001 album artwork. Torrid.com is basically a stan account, too. Check out what they had to say:

It’s Britney, b*tch! This black knit crew neck tee looks like you picked it up at a Britney album tour stop, with a gritty turned-up-technicolor graphic. We’re a slave 4 this tee!

Dare I say the cut of this shirt could work for fans of all genders? The open neck design seems ideal for rocking your best necklaces, like Britney's 2009 "Circus Tour" dog tag pendant, which just debuted on her web store at $10.

Bravo to Torrid for helping Britney fans of all sizes rep their queen in style. Click here to buy.

Special shoutout to Britney super fan Stella F. for alerting me to this find! 

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Review: Halsey "Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour" in St. Paul, MN feat. Charli XCX & PartyNextDoor

Review text originally ran in the November 30, 2017 issue of Twin Cities Gay Scene magazine.

Image: @DonsLens 

Image: @DonsLens 

Halsey recently brought her "Hopeless Fountain Kingdom" arena tour to St. Paul, MN. My husband and I were there covering it for Twin Cities Gay Scene Magazine. 

Charli XCX

Charli XCX did free meet and greets after her set. Photo: zaccatron.com

Charli XCX did free meet and greets after her set.

Photo: zaccatron.com

For an opening act with more Top 40 hits than the headliner, Charli XCX had no pretense. Her set was refreshingly svelte, a fast and fun race through her most notable works. During her #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit “Fancy,” Charli left the stage and performed in the audience; including our section, which was a treat. Her bouncing off-the-walls energy during songs like “Boys,” “I Love It,” and “Boom Clap” really heated up the arena on a cold winter night. 


Photo: NOW Magazine 

Photo: NOW Magazine 

Halsey’s second opening act, PartyNextDoor, was the first artist signed to hip-hop icon Drake’s OVO Sound record label. Party didn’t get the crowd reaction Charli XCX did, but his music did a better job priming the audience for Halsey’s more mid-tempo, urban set; much of the latest Halsey album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom sounds Drake-inspired. 


Images: @DonsLens

Halsey opened with “Eyes Closed,” a slinky pop-R&B hybrid with candid lyrics about her bisexuality. It served as an apt introduction to the full functionality of her impression stage, which was framed by two gigantic 4K UHD monitors. The main feature, however, was a giant staircase covered in colorful LED screens. 

Early on, Halsey declared the show an LGBT safe space. This is common practice at the more progressive pop diva shows, but Halsey paid tribute to her fellow LGBT the entire night through her tour visuals.

During “Strangers,” her 4K displays played gorgeous visuals of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans couples kissing. Played at a dizzyingly fast pace, the visuals blurred those identity lines until you only saw humans kissing humans. It was a beautiful and affecting number.

In a decade of Kardashian-Jenner excess, simplicity is jarring. Halsey’s show only featured one single dancer. Every arena tour-level pop star has a fleet of dancers, so this was an unexpected move… and it paid off. Their dynamic was personal, well-choreographed, and deeply thrilling to watch.

A personal connection the audience was clearly important to Halsey. Just as her idol Lady Gaga continues a personalized Twin Cities narrative each visit, Halsey spoke of her past Twin Cities stops in a romanticized way. 

It worked, as the audience was one of the loudest and most engaged I’ve seen at Xcel Energy Center. This was especially impressive considering the upper level “nosebleed”-type seats were not utilized that evening. The more intimate crowd was almost entirely comprised of cult like super fans, who knew every word to every song.

Midway through her set, Halsey revealed that the crowd had been deliberately split in reference to her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’s Romeo & Juliet-inspired plot line. It seemed like an intentional nod to how divided America is in 2017. 

This set up allowed Halsey to symbolically unite the crowd as we sang along to fan favorites like “Now or Never,” “Colors,” and an emotional piano rendition of her #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit with The Chainsmokers, “Closer.”

With its simple yet impressive staging and execution, Halsey’s "Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour" is a highly-recommended night for fans and members of the general public alike.

Bonus Blurb

Local Vine legend Gavin was there. His uncle Nick Mastodon published his meet and greet photos with Halsey! The adorable meet and greet made a big splash across Twitter and even made headlines with digital platforms like PopBuzz.

Images: Nick Mastodon / LIVE NATION

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Review: "A Drag Queen Christmas: The Naughty Tour" in Minneapolis, MN

This review originally ran in the November 30, 2017 issue of Twin Cities Gay Scene magazine.

Ho, ho, ho indeed! Held at the same venue as previous DragFans.com ensemble shows, Murray & Peter Present - A Drag Queen Christmas: The Naughty Tour lived up to its name with a bigger, naughtier "RuPaul’s Drag Race" alumni show. Twin Cities Gay Scene came out to celebrate with the festive bunch. 

Photo: DragFans.com

Photo: DragFans.com

Photo: @derekplease

Photo: @derekplease

The Minnesota weather jokes came up often, but the heat inside the venue kept turning up. Like when host Trinity Taylor recognized a hunky audience member from the last tour; Ms. Taylor had him stripping on stage last time, but this time she settled on having him flash his toned torso.

Trinity wore a full Catholic nun outfit for the first half of the show, which she finally ripped off to reveal a fake, saggy nude body. It got the biggest laugh of the night, and everyone whipped out their phones to snap the moment. 

Each queen gave a monologue after their first performance. Some girls seemed more comfortable with that than others, but each shared words of wisdom. Minneapolis legend and “Drag Race” season 1 winner Bebe Zahara Benet encouraged the audience to support local drag queens. This was met with roaring applause, a nice reminder of how much we Twin Cities LGBT value our own talent. It was cool to see a major touring drag show pay it forward to local clubs in this way. She wasn’t just there to talk, though. Bebe’s performances featured the tightest lip syncs of the night. She knew every word.

Photo: @derekplease

Photo: @derekplease

Latrice Royale was as perfect as we’ve come to expect. Her performances were daring; she performed an intricate color guard routine in spectacular red costuming. It was cool seeing her in another ensemble show even after she sold out headlining The Cowles Center here on her own. 

Farrah Moan’s sultry performances were equally cutesy and thrilling. She seems to have found a perfect balance between her pop star and burlesque sides. Farrah lip-synced YouTube queen Trisha Paytas’ cover of “Santa Baby” while performing a burlesque routine. Like Trisha’s own music videos, Farrah’s performance felt inspired by Britney Spears’ Las Vegas show, in the best of ways.

Trinity Taylor got a huge reaction with her only performance of the night, a lip-sync of Faith Hill’s Grinch classic “Where Are You Christmas?” She played it as a physical comedy piece, and it was one of the highlights of the night. 

Photo: @derekplease

Photo: @derekplease

Aja’s performances were wild. She performed a number as the demon goat creature Krampus, while pretending to eat baby dolls. It was hilarious and intense at the same time. It made us excited to see what she does on All Stars 3 this winter. 

Lots of Holiday music medleys were lip synced, featuring yuletide hits from legendary acts like Destiny’s Child and Lady Gaga. But Chi Chi DeVayne shocked the audience with a fully live vocal rendition of “O Holy Night.” It wasn’t perfect, but it was an impressive decision that stood out. Her lip-sync performance of RuPaul’s edgy 90s classic “All I Want for Christmas” had the audience in stitches. 

Eureka O’Hara’s first performance was cute, but her second performance - she snapped! She flew off into the audience like a firecracker. Her makeup throughout the night seemed very Divine-inspired, which was delightful. 

Photo: @derekplease

Photo: @derekplease

Fan favorite Shea Coulee brought the house down with Ariana Grande’s “December,” a rousing, sassy Christmas album with more than a little sex appeal. It was a great showcase of her lip-sync talent, amazing costuming, and infectious energy. 

When the show ended, security had to kindly ask the audience to keep moving out the exits. It seemed like everyone had enjoyed themselves so much, they didn’t want to leave into the cold. That’s what Murray & Peter drag shows feel like… a toasty fire in a cold world. 

Highly Recommended.

Tickets for the remaining dates of "Murray & Peter Present - A Drag Queen Christmas: The Naughty Tour" are available at http://dragfans.com 

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