1-2-3: Hollywood Hair for EVERYBODY!

Hey, y'all! (I'm not Southern, I just love saying that, lol). Are you ready get your PhD in just 3 steps? Perfect Hair Day, that is. Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day is my go-to 3-step system for voluminous, shiny, Hollywood hair for special events and important days.

One of my favorite Hollywood icons, Jennifer Aniston, brings us Living Proof, her line of haircare products. If any celebrity knows hair, it's gotta be Jen-A (read that nickname out loud, see what I did there?), the girl behind "the Rachel" 90's-defining hairdo. 

I'm definitely not sponsored by Living Proof (I wish), but I truly believe that this can give you that Hollywood flawless look stars with perfect hair seem to have. Read on for a breakdown of the three steps!

1. PhD Shampoo

Ooh, gurl (or boi, or whoever)! This is the step that gives us all, male, female, whatever, that gorgeous volume Jennifer always seems to have in her hair. Using this over time is said to strengthen and repair your hair, and help you wash it less often (which is a healthier habit for your hair).

2. PhD Conditioner

This has the same claims as the shampoo, so I don't really know what it's supposed to do. I was born blonde, okay!? It... conditions... your hair? I do know I tried to skip this step once, and didn't get that Hollywood look like when I do all three steps. Definitely do this step!

3. PhD 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

Styles your hair while treating it! What is this witchcraft!? The 5-in-1 stands for smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength and polish, according to Jen's people. I have to agree with all of this, including their claim that it keeps your style looking cleaner, longer. This is my favorite styling product; I even use it after my everyday shampoo sometimes. No need to always use it with steps one and two!

Quick note, this is not an everyday system for me. I personally have problematic, oily and dandruff-prone hair. I have to save PhD for special occasions, because if I use it more than a few days in a row, it builds up on my hair.

In that case, I go in with my Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo. Think of this Redken cream shampoo as a reset for your hair; any products that have build up on your hair will be removed. I recommend doing this at least twice a month if you use any specialty haircare products; especially dry shampoo.

What shampoo do you use? Comment below!

#NotSoMuch: Sulfates in Skincare & Haircare

Icky, icky. I returned this! Sulfates suck.  $36, Sephora

Icky, icky. I returned this! Sulfates suck. $36, Sephora

Hey, guys! I'm gettin' up on my little blogger soap box to tell you you're caring for yourself in a harmful way. That is, if you use products with sulfates. Say "naahhhh" to sulfates.

Check the ingredients on the back of your face wash and your shampoo. If anything listing ingredients that sound like "sulfate-" is toward the top of the list, it's bad news.

Why? Soaps strip your skin and hair; it's just the facts. Sulfates are soaps. Find out more details by clicking here.

So do you have to go high-end and spend lots'a dollars to get sulfate-free cleansers? Not exactly. Even expensive cleansers can have sulfates! For example, this:

$5.26, Amazon

$5.26, Amazon

So how much do you have to spend? Not too much! Sulfate-free is thankfully becoming a trend in skincare and haircare, so prices are dropping daily.

I'd suggest checking out Redken for sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. You can try a travel size of any of their shampoos for $5.50 at Ulta and see the sulfate-free difference. 

What about for your face? I found a sulfate-free gel facial cleanser from Avalon Organics, on for only $5.26. Say yaaaaaas to Vitamin C! I honestly say that sulfate-free gel facial cleansers are amazing, so I recommend this! Plus, it's organic, since you're fancy like that.

Guys, girls, everyone - What shampoo do you use? Comment below!