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Top 10 YAAAS Reasons to See "Alien: Covenant"

Escape the Pride parade heat and cuddle up close to that new beau you met at the club. It's my ten reasons you need to go get your Xenomorph on at a theater near you. 

  1. What happened to David and Shaw after they left LV-223 at the end of "Prometheus (2012)"? You'll find out everything! Well, almost everything... it IS a Ridley Scott movie after all. #troll
  2. Hot guys for days. Michael Fassbender in two roles! Plus, Billy Crudup can get it. And James Franco. Maybe even Danny McBride. Too much? 
  3. Homoerotic flute scene. Director Ridley Scott intentionally included a rather... interesting musical lesson between the two Michael Fassbender robots in the film.

    "You do the blowing, I'll do the fingering" - David
  4. Extra extra! Read all about it! If you're left wanting to know more about what happens between "Prometheus" & "Covenant," There's an official prequel book coming this fall. 
  5. Gorgeous locations. If you thought LV-223 was beautiful, wait until you see the Engineers' home world of Paradise. Try not to scream "yaaaas!" too loud.
  6. Nancy Botwin's third husband is in it. I'm ready for the "Weeds"/"Alien" fan fiction that might ensue. 
  7. High stakes. There are 2,000 colonists asleep onboard the film's titular ship, Covenant. It's the crew's job to keep them safe. Like mama RuPaul says, "good luck... and DON'T f*** it up!" 
  8. The return of the Xenomorph. Many fans were disappointed that "Prometheus" didn't include the iconic alien itself, aside from a bas relief mural in the Head Room. Fear not... err, fear YES because the Xenomorph is back and bloody terrifying! 
  9. Sam Waterston's daughter is the lead and OMG you will never not see the "Grace & Frankie" star's striking features and eyebrows when you look at her. 
  10. The free, official Prologue scenes on YouTube are essential viewing. Seriously, James Franco's actual role is limited to the first one, "Prologue: Last Supper." And the second, "Prologue: Crossing," is the "Prometheus" sequel we were more directly expecting.

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Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna VIP Monthly Box for April 2017

Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna VIP Monthly Box for April 2017

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Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna Mini Monthly Box Box April 2017

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Best Albums of 2016 - 2nd Annual DerekPlease Awards

There's something magical about a great album. It's an experience. You play it on start to finish, it takes you on a journey... you return to it again and again, and it becomes a volume in the soundtrack of your life. These are my top five favorites from 2016! 

5. Best Summer Ever - Har Mar Superstar


Minneapolis music scene favorite and internationally known artist Sean Tillmann goes by more than one stage name, but his Har Mar Mall-inspired Har Mar Superstar moniker is how he's known best. His half-experimental, half-polished 2016 effort "Best Summer Ever" is easily his best, an album that's both personal and universal. Check out the music video for "It Was Only Dancing (Sex)," shot locally at Grumpy's bar.

4. Lady Wood - Tove Lo


"Queen of the Clouds" Tove Lo hails from Sweden, the "it" destination for making glossy radio pop. Despite this, and despite the fact that she writes glossy pop for others, her own music is moody and edgy. Her second album "Lady Wood" hits where her first missed, delivering a clear, concise message that creates a listening experience that's almost palpable.

3. This Is What The Truth Feels Like - Gwen Stefani


There was little chance Gwen Stefani could reclaim the uber success of her initial solo career after a lengthy 10 year hiatus. Although the LP didn't hit it big, "This" is her very best yet. Fun fact: it was entirely co-penned by gay songwriter Justin Tranter, the highly sought after penman who recently has dominated pop radio with hits like "Sorry" for Justin Bieber, "Good for You" for Selena Gomez, and "Cake by the Ocean" for Joe Jonas' new band DNCE.

 2. Anti - Rihanna


Nobody, not even Beyoncé, is as consistently successful on Top 40 radio as Rihanna. That's why RiRi's anti-pop radio 2016 effort "Anti" was such a gamble... it's an experimental, dark, and highly personal ode to 1990s R&B and her native Caribbean. The risk that paid off big time, ironically delivering her biggest pop radio hit of all-time, "Work (feat. Drake)."

Glory - Britney Spears


After fans and critics had a mixed response her 2013 album "Britney Jean," Britney Spears came back "stronger than yesterday" in 2016; her body is rocking, her live performances are as hot as they were in 2003, and her new music ranks amongst her all-time best. Fun fact: Justin Tranter also cowrote on much of this LP! Her new album "Glory" picks up where "Blackout" left off in 2007, pushing her iconic sound forward while also remaining radio friendly.


This list was previously published in Twin Cities Gay Scene magazine.  

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Source: http://twincitiesgayscene.com

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2016 Desert Island Products: Skincare

Getting trapped on a desert island is an irrational fear of mine, so what better than a blog post detailing my suspiciously thought out plans for if and when it happens? Hello, have you seen LOST? I have not, but I digress.

Getting stranded anywhere without quality skincare is scary. Why? My skin is a diva. I can't just let nature take its course. I tried that route once and my face was so congested and dry it hurt! #Abuse


1. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

We're on a desert island, so I'm thinking there's salt water nearby. Yeah, no, I'm not cleansing my face with that. Maybe I'm going too literal with the "desert island" thing, but I'll definitely be bringing my own cleansing water anywhere I travel. It's a fast, easy, sure-bet. Hard water in your janky motel room? No worries, Garnier got yo back. Plus, it's cheap.

2. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

This is a brand new find for me, and I'm obsessed. Moisturizer-wise, I've tried everything. I scoffed at the idea that such a lightweight moisturizer as this could keep my severely dry skin hydrated "all day." But honestly? It's working very well so far. I'm really thrilled and the price is so right for a high-end product. You can get a giant 4+ ounce pump (completely unheard of size) for $26 at Sephora. I die. Since you only need a little bit morning and light, it'll last forever

3. Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30

When it comes to anti-aging, nothing's going to do it better than preventative care products. My favorite SPF product is Supergoop's City Sunscreen Serum. OMG, it feels like a dream, and it's also a specialized serum that evens out your skin texture over time. It also locks in extra moisture to keep your skin dewy and youthful-looking. A summer essential!

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