The Fit: New Britney Spears 2017 Tour Inspired Hoodie at Urban Outfitters

"Another day, another drama"? More like "another day, more merch"!

Britney Spears and her merch company strike again with another store exclusive item out in retail. This time, Urban Outfitters is hitting us one more time.



Britney Spears fan @CandidlyCarlo found a new hoodie at his local Urban Outfitters yesterday, and tweeted out a photo:

Photo: @CandidlyCarlo

The tweet amassed over 150 likes. The fan response was so great put it on their web store this morning!

Click here to buy yours for $54.

Fun fact, the hoodie is an Urban Outfitters-exclusive recreation of the long sleeve t-shirt that was sold at shows on her 2017 Asian tour. The design is playful; it says "Britney" in English and "bitch" in Japanese. Most people won't even know you're walking around with an obscenity on your sleeves!

After the tour ended, the original merch was briefly available for sale on - many other fans and I scored a few items. The original long sleeve version is so comfortable. Plus, I get tons of compliments when I wear it.

Twitter friends like @BraveNewMatt and I are debating getting this hoodie recreation so I can keep the original in mint condition. Hmm...

Fit details from Urban Outfitters:

"Cotton fleece pullover offers ribbed banding at the cuffs + hem for a perfect fit, complete with an adjustable hood and front kanga pocket."

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The Fit: New Britney Spears Shirt at Hot Topic

Move over, Target. There’s a new exclusive tee in town. breaks the news on Hot Topic's "...Baby One More Time" shirt.

I did a double take shopping at Hot Topic inside of Mall of America. None of the countless Britney fans I know had mentioned a new shirt coming out... it was like finding a diamond in the rough!

This gorgeous shirt depicts the classic US “...Baby One More Time” album cover against a dark and stormy, gothic tie dye backdrop. It’s “Baby,” bitch. 

Hot Topic’s exclusive “Baby” tee was made in Honduras, and is a unisex fit, likely due to fan excitement over her unisex Target exclusive. In fact, Yahoo! Style quoted in their review of that shirt, emphasizing our thoughts on how progressive it is to offer men and women equal shot at Britney tees. The shirt is available in sizes X-Small through XX-Large. 

Priced at a reasonable $24.90 in store, this high quality 100% cotton garment may not be $12 like Britney’s blended fabric Target exclusive, but it’s $20 cheaper than most shirts on her official web store. Also cheaper than her Vegas store pricing and Axis Theatre merch counter prices. Score! 

I asked the Hot Topic cashier for the tea on the tee - she was quick to compliment my selection and proclaim, “ugh, this Britney tee gives me life! It's not even online yet.”

10/12/17 Update:  Blogger David LeCours II has found it online:

Click here to buy the shirt on

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The Fit: "Britney" Era Tee & More Target Exclusives

The Men's graphic tee shelves at Target have long been a treasure trove of unisex-fit designs featuring America's favorite pop culture heroes, from Marvel Comics to The Golden Girls

Until recently, their music tees were limited to the who's-who of classic rock... yawn... This week we got word of photos of new Michael Jackson, Selena, and Britney Spears t-shirt designs, though. Yaaas!

These fab shirts retail at $12.99 USD, and sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL are available at the following links:

Men's Britney Spears® T-Shirt - White
Classic white tee with a new design inspired by Britney's Pepsi-flavored "Britney" album era.

Men's Selena T-Shirt - Black
Comfy black tee which celebrates Selena's icon status with an Andy Warhol-inspired pop art design.

Michael Jackson Men's Thriller T-Shirt - Black
The King of Pop still holds the record for the world's best-selling album of all-time, "Thriller," and Target is honoring that legacy with this fab tee.

Personally, I'm loving this decidedly pop direction Target is going in! Which pop musician should they offer a shirt of next? 

Personally, I'm loving this decidedly pop direction Target is going in! Which pop musician should they offer a shirt of next? Hit me up on social!

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Nepotism Chic! Madonna's Son Rocco Ritchie the Latest Celeb Progeny-Turned-Model

Installment #1 in a new DerekPlease blog series - Me. I Am Derek... The Elusive Pop Sleuth - Observations on growing trends in the American zeitgeist. 

Nepotism is the chicest thing on the runway and in the pages of Vogue in these, the last years of the 2010s. The junior Kardashian sisters, Kendall Jenner & Kylie Jenner, set this trend thanks in no small part to the evil genius their "momager" (mom + manager), Kris Jenner.

Now you can't throw a stick without seeing their "good sister, bad sister" image and "traditional model; InstaSnap model" formula all over; just look at sisters like Gigi HadidBella Hadid (parents business tycoon Mohammed Hadid and former model and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid [née an den Herik, previously Foster;]), or Delilah Belle Hamlin & Amelia Gray Hamlin, daughters of Harry Hamlin & Lisa Rinna

So where are the male counterparts? Frankly, fashion still doesn't give a damn about them. Sure, there are hangers on like third Hadid sibling Anwar Hadid, but fashion usually sticks with pop stars like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, or the Jonas Brothers like Joe Jonas or Nick Jonas (sorry Kevin) when they're looking for a notable male model. 

The "momagers" with sons are trying to pimp out their sons, though. Kris Jenner helped establish son Rob Kardashian's "Arthur George" high fashion sock line; Yolanda Hadid is getting son Anwar Hadid on Fashion Week runways. Rocco Ritchie (son of Queen of Pop Madonna & King Arthur director Guy Ritchie) seems to be making a bid as well, pictured here working for Adidas.  

Will organic models - without famous parents - ever rise again? There are definitely some out there, but they didn't really do it on their own. Karlie Kloss has BFF Taylor Swift to thank for much of her buzz. Plus sized beauty Ashley Graham is the closest we have to a traditional discovered-overnight model, in the vein of legends Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.  

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Inspiration Board: Regina Hall

Regina Hall is one of the funniest actresses in Hollywood. She was always my favorite part of the Scary Movie film series. Her character Brenda was just the best. Plus, she was a zombie before it was cool. She literally came back from the dead in Scary Movie 4.

The real life Regina Hall is so beautiful and stylish; she's one of my style icons. While lots of celebs are doing the absolute most with their fashion game, she keeps it simple and classy. Check out some of my favorite looks from her!

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