beauty for everybody.

Hey! My name is Derek Murawski, and I'm the writer and face behind I created this blog and my YouTube account to promote "beauty for everybody," which I truly believe in. I got tired of beauty bloggers assuming the gender or sexual orientation of their audience - is that even relevant? It's 2015, and beauty IS for everybody. Whoever you are (boy, girl, trans*, androgynous, bigender, no gender - however you identify) feel free to watch any of my videos without judgment. 

Derek is a 23-year-old retail and entertainment industry professional from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He graduated from St. Cloud State University in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in the Arts. He is currently employed in his industry and enjoys hanging out with friends and his husband Jacob in his free time.

All original photos on this site were taken by Derek, with the exception of the enter photo, provided graciously by

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