"What Do You Use?" John Norman

 John says his skin type is "normal to dry"

John says his skin type is "normal to dry"

John Norman and I have been Internet friends for almost a decade, and both make YouTube videos. He makes hilarious reaction videos to new K-Pop and American pop music videos. I knew he'd have a really fun "What Do You Use?" interview, since he knows the T on South Korean skincare!

Tell me about yourself in 140 characters or less
โ€œI am a 26-year-old Texan that was raised on queso. I work as a graphic designer in Austin and love K-Pop. YouTube is my creative outlet.โ€

Whatโ€™s your skincare routine like?
โ€œI just wash my face with The Face Shopโ€™s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam, โ€˜cuz it keeps it bright and reduces dark spots. Then I put on some moisturizer from Aveda. Sometimes, when I wanna look extra flawless, I wear BB cream. Then I have this stuff that hardens on your face, and then you peel itโ€ฆ but do I use that as often as I should? Probably not.โ€

I also love BB cream, itโ€™s very natural-looking. Which one do you use?
โ€œI use Korean BB cream (Face It Power Perfection BB Cream) because American BB cream is crap. When I put on BB cream I try to put on Etude Houseโ€™s Good-bye Pore-ever Pore Primer first so the BB cream doesnโ€™t go in my pores and make me look like a grandpa.โ€

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