Book Club

DerekPlease Book Club, May 2016: Caitlyn Jenner "The Secrets of My Life"

Announcing DerekPlease Book Club!

Our book club will discuss interesting and sometimes provocative selections from todayโ€™s unique voices. If a selection repulses you, it's probably something you should read... expand your mind!

We start with a controversial first pick, Caitlyn Jenner's "The Secrets of My Life" memoir. The Olympian and polarizing reality star spills all her lifelong secrets within. Love or hate her, it'll be a juicy read. 


  • May 7th: Discuss sections 1-7
  • May 14th: Discuss sections 8-14
  • May 21st: Discuss sections 15-22 (end)

This club is free, you just need a copy of the book. Wanna join? Contact me on social! I'm @DerekPlease on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram :)