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2015 Carrie Awards: Best Songs of the Year

Welcome to the 2015 Carrie Awards, presented by!

Awarding the very best in beauty, music, and film, the Carrie Awards are inspired by the fun and carefree spirit of me and my husband's kitten, Carrie Okie.

The first category is Best Songs of the Year. Listen to the 9 nominees and 1 winner below!

10. Lonely Town by Brandon Flowers

This one really resonates with me, having grown up in a small town.

9. Dead Dandelion by Sharon Needles

By far my favorite song released by any RuPaul’s Drag Race contender (or in this case, winner) yet. Why? It's well produced, well sung (no autotune - Sharon doesn't use it!), and well written. Usually one of these three elements is missing in contestants' music offerings.

8. Right Here Right Now by Jordin Sparks

Atmospheric Las Vegas-set trap hip-hop tune about trashing hotel rooms with the one you love. How romantic! But seriously, this song has major bounce. It deserved to be a hit.

7. Tom’s Diner (feat. Britney Spears) by Giorgio Moroder

My favorite singer features on a dream collab with the legendary inventor of disco himself, Giorgio Moroder. The results are nothing short of mesmerizing.

6. Broken Hearts Heal by Janet Jackson

Janet wrote this song about her endlessly iconic late brother, Michael, and is an essential listen for anyone who’s lost a sibling.

5. Weeds by Marina and the Diamonds

The best song on her best album yet, Marina delivers all the lyrical genius and vocal drama I have come to love her for.

4. The Blackest Day by Lana Del Rey

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Lana’s new album “Honeymoon,” but this, its best song, makes up for all of my problems with the LP. Yaaas, queen!

3. Ain’t About 2 Stop (feat. Rita Ora) by Prince

(No audio stream available)

2015 was the year I became a fan of Prince, and right in time for the release of not one, but two albums! This is my favorite song he released this year. So experimental, complex, and well produced. It’s Prince, bitch!

2. Unapologetic Bitch by Madonna

This modern reggae banger is the best cut off of my favorite album of the year, Madonna’s “Rebel Heart.” The biting lyrics and catchy chorus are flawless. 

and the Golden Okie for Best Song of the Year goes to...

1. Father (MoodMelodies Electric Disco Remix) by Tooji

No song literally moved me as much as gay artist Tooji’s sultry dance club anthem “Father.” From the raw, controversial video to the song’s flawless remix, it owned my year. Pulsing, moody, and new, “Father” is a song before its time; I guarantee American artists will be going for this sound in a few years.

What was your favorite song of the year!? Comment below.

#MyTop5 Favorite Music Videos of All-Time

Hey, guys! So far in the short history of this still very new blog, my most popular post is Derek's Spring 2015 Playlist - Part I. I got a lot of fun messages from people who listened to my playlist and offered their own Spring picks.

I'm really excited to share more music with you, in the form of my five favorite music videos ever. Please check them out, and don't forget to comment here or on my Facebook page with YOUR favorite music video ever! You ready? WOO! Get psyched!


5. "Scream" by Michael & Janet Jackson

True story: this is THE most expensive music video of all-time. It cost $7 million to make in 1995, which equates to $10 million now with inflation. Hmm, don't know how they got that budget... maybe because it stars TWO ABSOLUTE LEGENDS, who happen to be siblings. This video was WAY ahead of its time, and still holds up today. Be prepared to experience the best of the best... the Jacksons in their prime.

4. "Frozen" by Madonna

Simple. Haunting. Gorgeous. It's my favorite Madonna video, and that's saying something, because the Queen of Pop has MANY standout videos.

3. "Tropico" by Lana Del Rey

It was hard to decide upon one Lana Del Rey music video for this list... so I cheated and picked three. "Tropico" is a longform music video featuring three songs from Lana's EP "Paradise." It's dark, it's sexy, it's twisted, it's shocking, it's sad, it's a little gangsta... it's poetic... it's... Lana.

2. "Supermodel (You Better Work)" by RuPaul

Come through, Mama Ru! This iconic work of 90's pop art features RuPaul in full Glamazon "Monster" mode, rampaging through photo studios and letting Mathu Anderson have it back stage. Can I get a YAAAS? Please, please watch this amazing video.

1. "I'm A Slave 4 U" by Britney Spears

Simple. Classic. Sexy. Britney. This is the perfect Britney Spears music video. It fits the song like a glove, her dancing is sick, and her makeup and overall look here are now iconic. I hesitate to say this was her prime, because I believe she, like Madonna, reinvents herself very well... but this was definitely a high point!

What's YOUR favorite music video ever? Comment here or on my Facebook page :)