Drugstore: An Affordable Serum!?

I'm dedicated to suggesting quality products to my readers, regardless of price. Thankfully, sometimes the best products are also the cheapest!

That's the case with Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Serum, available at Target. It's from the Boots line that Target imports from the UK. Celebrities like Gabourey Sidibe tweet about visiting Boots stores while in London, so you know it comes highly recommended; hello, rich people can get anything, often for free. Plus, Boots' product works. It's a great brand!

This serum in particular is great for those dry winter days and nights, which are sadly here already in many states. For a reasonable $7.59 at Target, plug this into your skincare routine between cleansing and moisturizing... you'll see - and feel - a major difference in hydration.

Do you use a serum? Or have questions? Comment below!

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