Star Wars Opening Weekend Look Ideas

"Ho, ho, ho! Merrrrrrry C—" *record scratch* Not so fast, Santa. This week the buzz is on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh episode in the epic space opera. In theaters Friday, with special screenings Thursday evening, the movie promises to have drooooves of fans out in costume. Yaaaaas, honey… costume sightings outside of Halloween? I’m there in a hot second. 

Get your life at the Star Wars premiere with my unisex hair, makeup, and costume suggestions; basically, if you like it, go for it!

Bold Lipstick

This is Star Wars. If you’re wearing lipstick to the theater, do not wear a red lip. Well, unless it’s somehow tied into Kylo Ren’s special lightsaber, with crossguard. Wearing a boring ‘ol red lip to Star Wars? An insult to Yoda himself, it is. WEAR CRAZY COLORS! Anything unnatural. We recommend Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in your choice of shades Blow Pony (purple), Jawbreaker (light blue), Blue Velvet (deep blue), Anna Nicole (orange), or Abused (deep purple). The formula and wear is so good, it’d be worth it to overnight a couple tubes to get ‘em home in time to rock ‘em at the premiere. 

Princess Leia (Man) Buns

Say what!? 2015 is most definitely The Year of the Man Bun, or as the British would say, the Top Knot. Fellas, why “knot” celebrate 2015’s end by paying homage to Princess Leia herself? Check out this YouTube tutorial on how you long-haired folks can get this look.

Girls, of course, will rock these… but how cool would it be to see some guys rocking this fierce look!? Post pics if you do!


Psych! These are not the costume ideas you were looking for. A lot of people will be doing the absolute most at the premiere showings, wearing head-to-toe outfits elaborately made and expensively obtained. Dat’s cool for them. Me? I’m thrifty! May I suggest your favorite vintage or new Star Wars tee, with a little edge added on top? Rock a faux leather moto jacket or well-worn jean jacket over the tee. Even Han Solo agrees! Ain't nobody got time for a whole costume. 
If your ears are pierced, I highly suggest Disney’s wide variety of cute Star Wars stud earrings, available at Hot Topic. Go full costume “if wish so you do,” but I personally favor working Star Wars into my own style, rather than fully adopting Star Wars style.

On a serious note, in keeping with the fact I was a film major at university, seeing a film bring so many people together is truly beautiful. Happy showtimes! 

Forgiven my bad Yoda puns, you have. Comment below with your favorite Star Wars movie, you will!

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