2015 Carrie Awards: Best Albums of the Year

Got your seat? The 2015 Carrie Awards continue! Scroll down for the 9 nominees and 1 winner of Best Album of the Year! 

10. Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey

My least favorite Lana record, but it’s perfectly problematic. Jazzier and slower building than her others, it’s noticeably less accessible… but when you’re in the mood for it, it’s everything.

9. Slay Belles by RuPaul

Endlessly listenable, frothy, original holiday fare. Instead of being annoying, the plentiful spoken word interludes actually add a homey and interesting dimension to the listening experience. 

8. Rub by Peaches

Peaches crafts an album that sounds like her live shows; fabulous, fearless, and delightfully unexpected.

7. Realness by RuPaul

A minimalistic, 90s-revisiting EDM record that harkens back to Ru’s “Supermodel” days while simultaneously pushing his sound more toward today’s mainstream. Brilliant!

6. Kylie Christmas by Kylie Minogue

Another Christmas album!? Yes. 2015 was a great year for Xmas tunes, and Kylie delivered and slayed the game. Mostly sticks to the classics, but nails them all.

5. HITNRUN Phase One by Prince

I’ve always been a (very) casual fan of Prince, but 2015 was the year I became a big fan. I came to Paisley Park a few times, including a night celebrating the release of this album. With big production, experimental groove, and a whole lot of guts, this album kills it by remaining unpredictable throughout.

4. Unbreakable by Janet Jackson

A queen returns to her throne. In a “Velvet Rope”-level almost-double-length LP, miss Jackson (if you're nasty) shows she hasn't lost it. The highlights of this reflective record come in the songs that overtly and with subtlety celebrate her late brother, Michael; with obvious lyrical references and subtle vocal imitations, Janet salutes the icon with class and grace. 

3. FROOT by Marina and the Diamonds


Great lyrics. Great melodies. Great production. Her best album yet. Nothing much else to say! It’s by far her most accessible album, so if you're new to her music, start here.

2. Deja Vu by Giorgio Moroder 

Giorgio’s return to mainstream music is so delicious. The legendary inventor of disco brings modern pop and dance vocalists into the mix, giving his sound fresh new life. Britney, Kelis, and Kylie are the definite highlights, but the newcomers and dance underground artists give them a run for their money. 

and the Golden Okie for Best Album of the Year goes to...

1. Rebel Heart by Madonna

The Queen of Pop put back on her crown and released her best album in a decade. Long, reflective, and occasionally experimental, Madonna pushes herself to new ground while remaining true to her iconic sound. Even the worst songs are better than half of the pop songs released this year by any artist. It was an absolute shame that this record wasn't more popular, because it’s truly the best of the year. Give it a listen.

Your turn! What's YOUR favorite album of the year? Comment below!

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