#MyTop5 Favorite Celebrity Fragrances Ever

Hey, guys! Being the pop culture geek and celebrity news-addicted person I am, I've built up a collection of perfumes from some of my favorite stars over the years. Admittedly, most of these are from Britney Spears, because she is... well, she's my queen. The point is, I love fragrances, and most of my collection is comprised of celebrity ones. Check out my top five below!

5. Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy

I just got this one last week and have been obsessed ever since. It's so wearable! Definitely not too strong. It sort of smells like grapes to me. Delicious. 


4. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday

A light-as-air, exotic and delicious pineapple-scented perfume. Check this one out if your nose is sensitive to strong fragrances - it's ultra light, so you need to spray a to get a strong scent payoff. I use this one when I want to wear perfume but don't want to smell obnoxiously perfumed.

3. RuPaul - Glamazon

DISCLAIMER: I'm a HUGE RuPaul fan. This limited edition fragrance is harder to find now, but it's worth whatever price you find it for. Big bottle (with a gorgeous photo of Mama Ru featured), amazing unisex scent. It's very cinnamon-y, warm, and inviting. I'm a Ru gurl, who are U, gurl?

2. Madonna - Truth or Dare

Very daring, yet refined scent. It's honestly pretty unisex smelling for a floral perfume. It's like a dark blend of musky flowers. Ew... that sounded kinda gross. OK, I'm not very good at describing scents, methinks - but try this one, it's GREAT for formal and professional occasions!

1. Britney Spears - Believe

Since I bought this on eBay in high school, I've been obsessed! I used to scent my letter jacket with this; it's kinda my "signature" scent. Funny story, I wrote a paper about the advertisement you see above, and the teacher featured it as an example of how to do the assignment. Sad story... I lost my bottle for about three years... but when I finally found it, it was magic! I think these stories added to my love of this perfect, indescribable scent. As a bonus, it's most definitely the most unisex scent in Britney's fragrance line. 

What's YOUR favorite perfume or cologne? Please comment below! 

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