#MyTop5 Favorite Films Ever

    5.    Weekend (2011) 

Essential gay cinema in how it depicts the reality of gay life, Weekend struck a deep cord with me by having no frills, and being low key and honest. You won't find a YAAAAS in this review, or a happy ending in this movie, because it's not that kind of movie. It's profound and explores the pain LGBT individuals face in a world of heteronormativity. As a bonus, the writer and director Andrew Haigh went on to write and direct episodes of Looking, one of my favorite television shows. This LGBT-focused show was sadly canceled. Please help out and sign the petition to get it renewed for a season three.

    4.    Rumpelstiltskin (1985)

This animated short film deeply frightened me the first time I saw it as a child, and I still remember running away from the TV screaming when the titular villain appeared. EEEEEK. The reason it’s in my Top 5 Favorite Movies as an adult probably has to do with that darkness. It’s intended as a kids’ film, but its brilliant animation, great music, and dark themes appeal to all ages. I make sure to watch this multiple times a year. 

    3.    Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

Watching this movie is like getting together with old friends. The characters are so real and fully developed that you feel like you’ve known them your whole life by the end of the movie. I love this film dearly and recommend it to anyone looking for a good tearjerker. 

    2.    Gone Girl (2014)

Oh. My. God. I can barely say anything without spoiling the big twistS in this movie. If you’ve seen it… let’s chat. It’s brilliant, it’s a masterpiece, it’s David Fincher. Yaaas on all accounts. The craziest twists of any movie I’ve ever seen. It’s also just plain gorgeous; beautifully, beautifully shot and fully realized film.

    1.    Mean Girls (2004)

I hope you already know and LOVE this classic high school film. Insanely quotable. Rewatchable as rewatchable gets. Tina Fey’s masterpiece still stands as my favorite movie of all time, 11 years later. As someone who was bullied a LOT in school, I identified with the message and still do. I’m not sure it will always be my #1 favorite, especially as I age further and further past my high school days, but we’ll see.

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