Drugstore Finds: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Facial Moisturizer

Target,  $17.99

Target, $17.99

As usual, I'm going to keep it 100% real... I was in a hurry at Target and I accidentally picked this Neutrogena gel moisturizer up, when I meant to grab something else. I didn't return this because it's meant for... all-day moisturizing. Oh. My. God. If a product could give me that, I'd be eternally grateful, let me tell you. My skin is so dry, the Sahara Desert is jealous!

So does Hydro Boost do the trick? Eh. You have to use large tablespoon of product to achieve adequate moisturizing/plumping results, and they don't quite last all day. More like 3-4 hours, and hey, that's not so bad for my very dry skin.

The real win for this moisturizer is the fact that it's a gel - it's suuuuuper refreshing, calming, and feels clean. The key to keeping your skin moisturized day-to-day is shocking your skin by using different types of moisturizers - gels, creams, balms, oils, etc. are all great ways, but no one can be your all-the-time. So in that respect, Hydro Boost comes recommended.

Do you have a product you recommend for dry skin? Do share! Leave a comment.

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