Review: Jeffree Star Extreme Beauty Tour - Minneapolis, MN

Hey, guys! Do you love Jeffree Star as much as I do? Hopefully your answer is not “yes,” but “YAAAAS.” If not, hear me out! He’s awesome. A few weekends ago I attended his Extreme Beauty Tour stop in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s a makeup master class of sorts. 

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Jeffree’s makeup looks and most of all music for almost a decade, so the chance to learn new makeup tips and tricks from him was a no-brainer. The class was four and a half hours long, so it’s not for sissies! You have to be hardcore into makeup to have a great time during a sitting that long.

Jeffree did a step-by-step makeup look on his model/best friend Brittany over the course of the four and a half hours. We all took notes and were welcomed to ask questions throughout. I asked Jeffree what he thought of the beautyblender He said he doesn’t have trouble getting into the under eye area with the original, so he sees the minis as a marketing thing. I had similar thoughts in my review.

There was a break midway through, during which a fan of my previous music and YouTube videos came up to me! It was an absolute honor to meet Wyatt and hear how much he loved my songs “Red Rover” and “Winter (Discontent Remix).” We’ve even kept in touch on Snapchat! (@derekplease)

Before I took off to join my friend Cat’s bachelorette party, I got to meet Jeffree and got a free tube of his famous Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade "Anna Nicole" (I have since bought it in "I'm Nude," and I'll be reviewing and swatching both in one of my upcoming YouTube videos!). I also met Jeffree after his 2009 concert in Minneapolis, which was obviously awesome. We talked briefly about where that concert was and Jeffree took our selfie on my phone (I asked him to do it because obviously he’s the master here).

Overall I highly recommend you makeup lovers out there check out Jeffree Star’s Extreme Beauty Tour when it makes a stop in your city. The only sad part was when Jeffree told me he doesn’t know if he plans on making more music. Nooooo... totally tragic. Regardless, I took a lot of notes and feel like my makeup skills are improving since the experience!

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