"What Do You Use?" Heather Marianna of Beauty Kitchen

I've been following Heather Marianna for years, ever since I saw her on the pilot of Oxygen's My Shopping Addiction (What can I say? I love me some reality TV!). This Las Vegas located (Jealous, I LOVE Las Vegas!) entrepreneur has since turned that addiction around and put her savvy into a successful, growing beauty line called Beauty Kitchen.

Check out my mini-interview with Heather to get some insight into what this beauty guru uses on a daily basis. 

Derek: Describe yourself in 140 characters or less.
Heather: I am extremely generous, hardworking and an avid animal rights supporter.

Derek: What's your skincare routine like?
Heather: I love face masks, I usually do one a few times a week. I also only use [Beauty Kitchen] cleansing oil to remove makeup, and I also am a firm believer in nose waxing. lol! Yes, the inside of your nose - try it, it's life changing. Haha

Derek: What are your holy grail makeup products?
Heather: 3 must love makeup products: Erase Paste by Benefit Cosmetics, Tom Ford foundation, and Beauty's Kitchens lip plumper (coming very soon), Chapstick and eye gels!

I've had the privilege of trying some of Heather's Beauty Kitchen soaps, and they definitely get a hearty YAAAS from me. In fact, I'm getting more products (courtesy of Heather! - thanks, gurl!) soon, and will be reviewing them in a new YouTube video!

Website & Shop: http://heathermarianna.tv 
Beauty Kitchen YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HeatherMarianna
Heather's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HeatherMarianna
Heather's Twitter: http://twitter.com/HeatherMarianna
Beauty Kitchen's Twitter: http://twitter.com/BeautyKitchenHM

What's YOUR Twitter or Snapchat? I'll follow you! Comment below.

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