A Spa Day at Home with Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna

Hey, guys! I work a lot, and so my time off is precious. I spend a lot of it out and about with my husband, friends and family... so my "me" time is very precious. Last night I had some alone time, so I took advantage of it, with a spa day at home!

I wanted to try out more of the massive Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna haul I recently received, so I generally only used products that line. 

As you can see, my kitten joined in!

As you can see, my kitten joined in!

I started by running a bath, and spraying the room with a few spritz of Heather's Smudge It Out Mist (HeatherMarianna.tv, $13.50). The sage scent is so calming, and reset the smell of the room instantly. 

Carrie Okie, our new kitten!

Carrie Okie, our new kitten!

I then dropped in two scoops of the Bath Soak, in the scent Lavender Take a Breather (HeatherMarianna.tv, $17.50). Heather sent me her Bath Soak and Skin Polish products in a variety of scents, so it was fun to be able to choose my experience. Lavender is super relaxing, and I was feeling stressed that day... so I added an extra scoop. Shh, don't tell!

Once I got in the bath, I relaxed a while and let the bath soak work its magic. My kitten Carrie Okie came in and let me know she was mad jealous. She relaxed on the edge of the tub the whole time.

Next, I shampooed my hair with Redken's sadly discontinued, flawless and amazing Blonde Glam shampoo. I just don't know what I'll do when I run out of this one, and I'm not being dramatic - it's the only shampoo that works with my stubborn, greasy hair and dry scalp. That was really attractive-sounding, I know.

I then washed my face with the Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna Beauty Bar, in scent Lemongrass. Oh. My. God. This is my #HolyGrail bar soap. It really is amazing. So soothing, so creamy, so softening. I just love washing my face with this, it feels like a professional facial. 

It was then time to try the Skin Polish, in scent Lavender Take a Breather, to match the Bath Soak I picked. I'm honestly not a fan of exfoliators with grains in them, but this one was pretty relaxing. I used the loofah Heather sent with it to apply it, and gently exfoliated my skin. It really softened the skin on my arms and shoulders, a problem area for me. 

When I left the tub, I applied my usual toner and moisturizer, and then applied the under eye Coconut Collagen Eye Gel Pads. I left them on for 15 minutes while relaxing and unwinding on the couch. During this time I also applied Heather's Shake It Off Lotion to my body, which matches the Smudge It Out Mist's sage scent. Amazing!

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better or more relaxing spa day at home. I so blessed and thankful that Heather Marianna sent me these products free of charge for me to review for you. They really are amazing and I've already went back for more, and bought some items on her online store.

Please keep in mind this review was 100% my own thoughts and feelings, and I was not paid to or expected to say nice things. I just really love Beauty Kitchen!

Link: http://heathermarianna.tv/shop

What helps you unwind? Tell me in a comment!

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