#NotSoMuch: Sulfates in Skincare & Haircare

Icky, icky. I returned this! Sulfates suck.  $36, Sephora

Icky, icky. I returned this! Sulfates suck. $36, Sephora

Hey, guys! I'm gettin' up on my little blogger soap box to tell you you're caring for yourself in a harmful way. That is, if you use products with sulfates. Say "naahhhh" to sulfates.

Check the ingredients on the back of your face wash and your shampoo. If anything listing ingredients that sound like "sulfate-" is toward the top of the list, it's bad news.

Why? Soaps strip your skin and hair; it's just the facts. Sulfates are soaps. Find out more details by clicking here.

So do you have to go high-end and spend lots'a dollars to get sulfate-free cleansers? Not exactly. Even expensive cleansers can have sulfates! For example, this:

$5.26, Amazon

$5.26, Amazon

So how much do you have to spend? Not too much! Sulfate-free is thankfully becoming a trend in skincare and haircare, so prices are dropping daily.

I'd suggest checking out Redken for sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. You can try a travel size of any of their shampoos for $5.50 at Ulta and see the sulfate-free difference. 

What about for your face? I found a sulfate-free gel facial cleanser from Avalon Organics, on Amazon.com for only $5.26. Say yaaaaaas to Vitamin C! I honestly say that sulfate-free gel facial cleansers are amazing, so I recommend this! Plus, it's organic, since you're fancy like that.

Guys, girls, everyone - What shampoo do you use? Comment below!

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