Woman Crush Wednesday: Ivy Levan

29-year-old Arkansas-native Ivy Levan is a fabulous singer-songwriter, model and actress. I first noticed her earlier this fall when she starred as the Usherette singing "Science Fiction/Double Feature," the opening number of "Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again."

The big-piped Ms. Levan took a big risk covering such a classic opening number, and being the first performer seen on screen in such a high-profile movie remake, and it paid off; she expanded her audience and received much praise from fans and critics alike. 

Ivy Levan's singing voice is powerful, a little gritty, and sexy. Her sound has been described as "blue-eyed soul." My favorite track of hers is "Biscuit," a horn-driven dance pop song in the vein of Christina Aguilera's 2010 single "Not Myself Tonight." Check out the video, it's sexy and the little biscuit character Beau Biscuit is adorable: 

Here are some of my favorite Ivy Levan photographs...

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