Fan Review: Tyra Beauty Oops Liner

If you're following me on social media, you've probably heard the BIG, fabulous news: I've partnered with Tyra Banks and her easy-to-use makeup line, Tyra Beauty.

Eek! I know, right? I'm dying. Check out our promotional ad: 

Each week I'll be highlighting a new Tyra product and YOUR thoughts!

Tyra Beauty OOPS LINER
Liquid Eyeliner + Corrector 

Tyra’s got your back with her five-star rated Oops Liner: A double-sided pen with black liquid eyeliner on one side and makeup corrector on the other to clean up eyeliner mistakes and sharpen those wing tips.

My first customer bought the Oops Liner, and she loves it! Take her word for it: 

“Love the Oops Liner. Wonderful duo!

It's truly wonderful! Easy to control and even if you do mess up it erases flawlessly with just as much control. I am very surprised this is the first time I have seen this kind of dual end liquid eye liner. Great investment!” - Laura

"Left side is before the wing is shortened with the eraser side" - Laura

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