#AskDerek - How Did You Meet Your Husband?

Hey, all! Welcome back to my newest series on the blog, #AskDerek. With #AskDerek I highlight and answer questions that I get from fans on Facebook (Derek Murawski), Twitter (@DerekPlease), Snapchat (DerekPlease) and Instagram (@DerekPlease). Beauty-related or not! 

On Facebook, Lane asks:

“How did you and the hubby meet?”

On Facebook, Ash asks:

“How did you meet your husband? <3”

On Facebook, Wendyann asks:

“How did you meet your husband?”

Hey, Lane, Ash & Wendyann! Thanks for the question. I actually have known of my husband most of my life, having grown up in the same small town. However, I officially met my husband through my best friend, Amanda. She introduced us and the rest is history! For the full story in our own words, check out my Husband Tag video, below:

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