Shane Dawson, "What Do You Use?"

I've been a huge Shane Dawson fan for years! I guess you could say #FavoriteYouTuber. I subscribed to him very early on in his uploading career, and watched him blow up.

When he subscribed to my videos, I spazzed out and recorded a video about it. When he used my song "Red Rover" in his videos, I just about died; I felt like the coolest kid on my college campus. I was one of the O.G. peeps to buy his film Not Cool on iTunes, and duhhh I bought his book I Hate Myselfie the day it came out.

Shane's an inspiring figure in my life, and I'm beyond excited he's my latest guest for "What Do You Use?" - A blog series where I mini-interview interesting people with three short questions.

Tell me about yourself in 140 characters or less
I'm a YouTuber with an obsession for good jokes, good food, and bad movies. Material Girls is a personal favorite.

What’s your skincare routine like?
I wash my face with the shampoo that drips off my head.

Who’s your beauty inspiration?
Kimmy Gibbler (from Fuller House on Netflix). I love that she's not afraid to wear a skirt made out of hot dogs. She's a true icon.

I'm a huge Hilary Duff fan and have never seen Material Girls. I'm a fraud! Guess I know what I'm renting tonight.

Go check out Shane's feature film Not Cool, now streaming on Netflix! It's one of my favorite comedy movies, and my husband loves it too.

Who's your favorite YouTuber? Comment below!

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