1-2-3: Completely Renew Your Lips

Let's face it: "Kylie Jenner lips" are all the rage. We are in the age of lip injections, but they're costly and don't last very long. I have noticed my own lips are softer, healthier and fuller looking after following this three step routine. Yaaas!

1. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.54.13 AM.png

By far my favorite lip scrub ever. Cruelty-free, vegan, and completely edible. No other lip scrub tastes as good. So softening; thanks Vitamin E! In a pinch, don't even need a lip balm afterward. Plus, you get so much product in the oversized container.

2. Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips

Instantly and over time, renew the look of your lips with this flawless lip serum. Naturally promotes plumper-looking lips. Also great for my older gals and guys who have noticeable lip lines! It reduces those over time.

3. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

Hands down the best lip balm I've ever used. Nothing short of a life saver for dry lips. The best part is it’s in a tube, so it’s much more hygienic than balms you rub your finger in. Moisture for your lips that lasts for hours, and AMAZING agave nectar taste. Oof. It’s a must have.

If you are considering lip injections, do you! There's no shame in your game. Lots of my favorite celebrities have gorgeous lips thanks to the procedure. Check out Jeffree Star's lip injections procedure video to see what to expect:

What's your go-to lip balm? Let me know! I'm DerekPlease on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram

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