Fashion: New Exclusive Britney Spears Shirt at Spencer's

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Special thanks to Britney super fan  Christopher Ryan  for sharing this iconic find!

Special thanks to Britney super fan Christopher Ryan for sharing this iconic find!

The late 90s are all the rage right now, and nothing is more 1998-1999 than Britney Spears "...Baby One More Time" era. From the recent Urban Outfitters exclusive "...Baby" vinyl to the new Hot Topic "...Baby" tee, O.G. Britney has never been more sought-after. 

Now Spencer's wants a piece of the pie! If you're not familiar with American shopping malls, Spencer's is basically the naughtier Hot Topic. The back of their store is NSFW, y'all. 

Fittingly, this edgy, officially licensed Britney Spears Collection tee features a screen printed, black and white cutout of Spears from her iconic "...Baby One More Time" US album cover. Like the Target, Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic exclusives before it, the shirt is a unisex design and is marketed using male models. Yahoo! Style recently quoted my thoughts on this inclusiveness: 

As the blog pointed out, what’s different about this shirt, along with versions sporting pics of late Mexican singer Selena, is that Target’s typical music fan offerings for men up until this point focused on male artists or rock bands.
— Sabrina Rojas Weiss at Yahoo! Style

The tee features a tagless design. Unlike Target's exclusive shirt, this is made of 100% cotton. The sizing variety is a bit narrow, with only adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large available.

As of 12:30pm ET on 12/14/17, sizes Small and Extra Large are currently sold out. 

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