*NSYNC's Debut Album Gets a "20th Anniversary Edition" Vinyl Release

The iconic self-titled album is being released on blue colored, 180 gram vinyl for the very first time on April 9, 2018. All 2000 copies of the limited pressing will be individually numbered. A large 4-page booklet including photos, liner notes, and lyrics shall be inside. 

The track list is taken from the original 1997 CD release in Germany. Fitting, as this LP will be imported from the EU. There are 14 tracks, whereas the 1998 United States edition had 13. Songs fans stateside know, like "Everything I Own" and "I Drive Myself Crazy," are not included.

Track Listing

Side One:

1. Tearin' Up My Heart
2. You Got It
3. Sailing
4. Crazy For You
5. Riddle
6. For The Girl Who Has Everything
7. I Need Love

Side Two:
8. Giddy Up
9. Here We Go
10. Best Of My Life
11. More Than A Feeling
12. I Want You Back
13. Together Again
14. Forever Young

The 12" cover art is also taken from that original German release of the album, which is different from the 1998 US cover art American fans are used to:

Their debut is the second-ever *NSYNC album released on vinyl. Urban Outfitters exclusively pressed the *NYSNC Christmas album on vinyl in late 2017. 

You can pre-order the covetable LP on Elusive Disc for $29.99

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