Top 10 YAAAS Reasons to See "Alien: Covenant"

Escape the Pride parade heat and cuddle up close to that new beau you met at the club. It's my ten reasons you need to go get your Xenomorph on at a theater near you. 

  1. What happened to David and Shaw after they left LV-223 at the end of "Prometheus (2012)"? You'll find out everything! Well, almost everything... it IS a Ridley Scott movie after all. #troll
  2. Hot guys for days. Michael Fassbender in two roles! Plus, Billy Crudup can get it. And James Franco. Maybe even Danny McBride. Too much? 
  3. Homoerotic flute scene. Director Ridley Scott intentionally included a rather... interesting musical lesson between the two Michael Fassbender robots in the film.

    "You do the blowing, I'll do the fingering" - David
  4. Extra extra! Read all about it! If you're left wanting to know more about what happens between "Prometheus" & "Covenant," There's an official prequel book coming this fall. 
  5. Gorgeous locations. If you thought LV-223 was beautiful, wait until you see the Engineers' home world of Paradise. Try not to scream "yaaaas!" too loud.
  6. Nancy Botwin's third husband is in it. I'm ready for the "Weeds"/"Alien" fan fiction that might ensue. 
  7. High stakes. There are 2,000 colonists asleep onboard the film's titular ship, Covenant. It's the crew's job to keep them safe. Like mama RuPaul says, "good luck... and DON'T f*** it up!" 
  8. The return of the Xenomorph. Many fans were disappointed that "Prometheus" didn't include the iconic alien itself, aside from a bas relief mural in the Head Room. Fear not... err, fear YES because the Xenomorph is back and bloody terrifying! 
  9. Sam Waterston's daughter is the lead and OMG you will never not see the "Grace & Frankie" star's striking features and eyebrows when you look at her. 
  10. The free, official Prologue scenes on YouTube are essential viewing. Seriously, James Franco's actual role is limited to the first one, "Prologue: Last Supper." And the second, "Prologue: Crossing," is the "Prometheus" sequel we were more directly expecting.

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