Final Thoughts: Beauty Kitchen July VIP Box

My husband and I love Beauty Kitchen, the all natural skincare brand created by our friend Heather Marianna. Getting our VIP Monthly Box every 30 days is like a never-ending Christmas gift.

Integrity, LGBT charity involvement, and free at-home product recipes are just some of the things that set Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna apart. 

The July VIP Box in all its glory! The fireworks theme reminded of  Katy Perry,  so I watched her concert films while unboxing it. 

The July VIP Box in all its glory! The fireworks theme reminded of Katy Perry, so I watched her concert films while unboxing it. 

How to save that coin. 

How to save that coin. 

For the July VIP Monthly Box and Mini Monthly Box, Heather focused on cleansing. There's a face wash, a body wash, and a soap bar, so the focus is really on getting that summer sweat and dirt off of your body-ody-ody... but not stripping your skin with harmful ingredients!

My hubby  Jake  with his July Mini Monthly!

My hubby Jake with his July Mini Monthly!

Check out my full thoughts on each fab item...

Charcoal Face Wash

After using this once I could tell my pores were a lot cleaner, and the gunk had risen to the surface. Second time, the results were outstanding! My skin was supple and my blackheads were almost invisible. Since then, it's only gotten better.

Heather's charcoal line has a strong natural scent, so you know it's powerful stuff. It's not a bad smell, just that pure charcoal smell a lot of people describe as "medicinal." Medicinal in like a non-Western medicine sorta way. This is nature at work. 

Coconut Lime Body Wash

Hands down, this is my favorite item in the July box. The scent is heavenly. It smells more like lime than coconut, but that coconut element gives it a unique twist.

Heather's gel body wash formulas have always been my favorite, but this one feels different. My body has never felt softer with any other liquid body wash. This proves Ms. Marianna doesn't rest on her laurels, but constantly improves her formulas.

Hawaiian Body Mist

All the nasty crap inside of the "luxury" chemical perfumes at department stores gives me migraines. Literally! Thankfully, as with all of Heather's Beauty Kitchen products, this body mist fragrance is all natural. 

This scent sticks to your skin well, where you don't feel like it goes away right away, and don't need to constantly reapply. It also has skincare built in, so your skin feels like you gave it a little lotion action. 

Apple Soap bar

This soap bar is like the best aromatherapy ever. Throughout the month, I would stick it up to my face and inhale for a little scent-induced mental vacation. It smells like the purest green apple candy. 

It was so hard to open it. I struggled all month, actually. So I didn't. I decided to display it as soap art instead, sort of like some of my older relatives have done over the years. 


Check out out full video unboxing on YouTube:

...and some fun Snapchat highlights from when it arrived: 

How to Get Yours

If you're interested in getting a July box of your own, you have a few options!

1. Subscribe with Free Shipping 

The deluxe VIP Monthly Box is $34.95/month, and the travel and purse-sized Mini Monthly is only $12.95/month. Yearly plans are even cheaper.

Finalize your order before August 1st to secure your July box.

Subscribe here and get a free gift with code: DerekPlease

2. Buy the 3 Month Trial with Free Shipping

Order your trial here, and save 20% + get a free gift with code: DerekPlease

Finalize your order before August 1st to secure your July box.

3. Buy a single box by itself, and pay for shipping. 

Hurry! There are only a few of these individually priced boxes in stock!

Get the July VIP Box here
Get the July Mini Box here

Save 20% and get a free gift with code: DerekPlease

Treat yourself! And don't get it twisted... my savings code is purely for you; I don't make a commission on sales. Heather is my friend and loves! 

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