Exclusive: Trixie Mattel Talks All Stars 3, Shangela, Hipsters and New Tour

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Photo provided by Varran Media, LLC.

Photo provided by Varran Media, LLC.

I recently had the honor of interviewing RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel. She snuck out of the Drag Race Hall of Fame to bring her country music-meets-stand up comedy tour across North America. Sip on all this exclusive tea... and then snatch your tickets!

Condragulations on winning “All Stars 3”! How does it feel?

I’ve been a loser for 28 years and I’ve only been a winner for a couple weeks. It feels strange... a little itchy. There’s a crown and scepter in a box in my garage, but I will always be a loser in my heart.

The finale of “All Stars 3” was controversial due to the eliminated queens coming back to choose the final two. It’s been weeks since it aired, and months since it filmed. Is everyone all good now, or is there still some divide? 

The queens are all at peace. As I said in the finale, I was Team Shangela! But the queens almost voted unanimously so I think there’s resolution on our end. The human race? Still shook, snatched bald, and found dead.

I did the right thing - Shangela loves TV, so I went out and bought the BIGGEST TV I could find and I went to her house, and I gave her... the box. She loves it! She pops in and out, “Halleloo! Halleloo!” It’s adorable.

Photo provided by Varran Media, LLC. 

Photo provided by Varran Media, LLC. 

There’s been a big wave of country songs from traditionally pop artists like Beyoncé (“Daddy Lessons”), Lady Gaga ("Joanne” album), Kesha (tracks on “Rainbow”), Justin Timberlake (“Man of the Woods” LP), and Kylie Minogue with her new “Golden” album. As a country artist, what are your thoughts on this trend? 

If pop artists are bringing awareness to my favorite genre, folk/country, I’m so here for it! Country and folk deserves all the attention possible!

However, wearing fringe or a sheepskin vest while singing music that is essential still pop isn’t a genre crossover - it’s a costume change, Linda.

“Trixie & Katya,” your hilarious VICELAND series, recently wrapped Season One - shortly after Katya announced her break from drag is over. Is Season Two in the works? 

You know if I said anything about it, RuPaul, our executive producer, could have me killed in minutes.

Reddit leakers have been a problem for “RuPaul’s Drag Race” for multiple seasons now. As a contestant and now a winner, how do you feel about this? 

To quote Jasmine Masters, some people need to do the "Get A Job Challenge.” 

Your luxury perfume with Xyrena, “Plastic by Trixie Mattel,” evokes that new, fresh out the box plastic toy smell so many of us loved as kids. Tell us about the creation process.

We wanted it to smell like a My Little Pony would smell or a Strawberry Shortcake doll. Fruity, feminine, fun, but definitely synthetic and fresh. I think we succeeded. Making perfume is a surprisingly nuanced process! Makes me think how many fragrances probably had a few versions of each that were possible.

A lot of us Minnesotans have memories visiting your home state of Wisconsin; do you have any memories in Minnesota?

I dated a boy freshman year of college and I used to drive the 5.5 hours from Milwaukee to the Twin Cities. I love the 19 Bar! Minneapolis is where I discovered some next level hipster behaviors. I once let someone pee on me for a White Castle slider. Different times.

Give us a tease of your “Now With Moving Parts Tour” stop at the Pantages Theatre on May 10th, honey!

My show is sad gay caucasian music, PLUS off-color straight-to-hell comedic tapas. I suggest drinking.

Source: Murray & Peter Present

Source: Murray & Peter Present


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