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Beauty Kitchen June 2018 VIP Beauty Box Review

The all-natural, Malibu-themed beauty box celebrates brand owner Heather Marianna's birthday.

Photo: BeautyKitchen.net 

Photo: BeautyKitchen.net 

The June VIP Beauty Box from Beauty Kitchen is Malibu-themed. This is fitting, as CEO Heather Marianna is having her birthday party in Malibu, CA! So excited for that. 

Titled "Make Some Waves," this all-natural, jam-packed box is her best-smelling one yet. It features giant 8 oz sizes of her Skin Polish and Moisturizing Mist; plus fun, customer-fave products like her Lip Scrub, Eye Gels, Lip Balm, exclusive Bath Bomb and bonus Lotion! 

8 oz Exotic Coconut Skin Polish


For your face, and that bass! Smooth skin is a summer essential, and Beauty Kitchen's hero product Skin Polish is back with a new scent, Exotic Coconut. This finely-milled sugar scrub does not tear at the skin like competitor brands' products.

This is something you should use before anything else in the box. I love to bring a little tubaware full of this into my shower and use it all over my body. It gets rid of all the dirt that's been locked in your skin. Your facial skincare and makeup sink in better. Body lotion, too. 

8 oz Cactus Water and Aloe Moisturizing Mist

The picture doesn't really do this moisturizing mist justice - it's huge. Like, huuuuge. That's great, because I utilize it for so much around my house. Since it's all natural, I feel comfortable using it to refresh my clothing, fabrics, or furniture. I use it all over my body, of course, including my hair. It's gentle enough where if some gets on your face, it won't burn - and you won't be rushing to the sink.

As we learn more and more about the toxic ingredients in those body mist stores' mists, it becomes harder and harder to justify using those overrated brands. For woke shoppers like us, this Beauty Kitchen alternative is better and more affordable. 

The scent reminds me of a famous clothing store's cologne that was super popular in the late '00s. Think surfer vibes. 

Strawberry Daiquiri Sugar Lip Scrub

When Heather Marianna told me she added aloe to her lip scrubs after I suggested it, I was honored. This is a testament to what a community brand this is. Everyone's feedback is taken into account! 

The result was this rather lavish and delicious lip scrub that leaves your lips so moisturized, lip balm is optional. Aloe is known for soothing skin after sun exposure, so this is perfect after a long day in the sun, when your lips are feeling tender. 

The sugar crystals in this are even more finely-milled than the Skin Polish, for your delicate lip skin in mind. Plus those crystals are surrounded in an aloe base, so it's too gentle to cause any irritation. 

Coconut Eye Gels


If you follow my Instagram, you know I use Beauty Kitchen eye gels all the time. They're the O.G. eye gels. If you see celebrities wearing eye gels, it's either the real thing from Beauty Kitchen, or an imitator. Large brands are even taking note and releasing single-use, chemically-laden pairs for as high as $10 or $20.

Beauty Kitchen's start around $3 and are thicker, juicier and all natural. Plus subscribers always get to try the latest varieties. 

Lip Balm


This is not one of those drugstore lip balms that dries your lips out; you don't have to apply it all day, and it isn't $5 per tube. Beauty Kitchen's lip balm has a simple citrus flavor, and is packed with SPF 15 to protect your lips from the sun.

Perfect for use after the included Lip Scrub, I love this because years ago I was taught that the skin on the lips is the thinnest on the face. As in the most prone to sun damage! So pucker up, and put this on. You'll thank me when you're 90. 

Champagne Bathbomb


Can you say "elegant"? Visually the stand out item of the "Make Some Waves" box, this bath bomb is formed in the shape of a champagne bottle, in celebration of Heather Marianna's birthday.

I've used Beauty Kitchen bath bombs before and they always deliver a more luxurious experience than those mass-produced ones from your local shopping mall. After you drop them in the water, Beauty Kitchen bath bombs slowly sizzle until your bathwater is packed with natural moisturizing oils and brilliant color. 

Of course, you can display them in your bathroom, like I'm doing with this one. I still have the Grinch one from Holiday 2017 and plan to keep it as a Christmas ornament! 

Bonus Let Them Eat Cake Lotion


Though it's last on the list, this Cake Lotion was the item I had to try first. It could not smell better. It's a classic "birthday cake" fragrance done in the best possible way; not too sweet, not too overpowering. Multidimensional, so you smell different notes upon each sniff. The scent is more than a little sexy, too.

Of course the scent is only half the experience. Lotions need to moisturize too, and this does beautifully with natural moisturizing factors. You can't always "have your cake and eat it too," but you can moisturize with it instead! Not literally, though... of course there's no actual cake in this! That would be a sticky mess, and this lotion formula dries a divine, velvet matte. 


  • Heather's deluxe-sized VIP beauty box is $44.95/month. 
  • Her travel-sized mini beauty box is only $14.95/month. 
  • Yearly VIP and mini plans are even cheaper!

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Podcasts: Ali Levine Interviewed by Heather Marianna & Farrah Abraham

Friend of the blog, Beauty Kitchen CEO Heather Marianna has a new podcast, and it's off to an amazing start!

Image: Heather Marianna

Image: Heather Marianna

Two weeks ago, Episode 1 featured a rousing conversation with celebrity spray tan artist Jimmy Coco. Heather and co-host Ashley Alexander had a lot of fun learning about Jimmy's new line of spray tanning products. Watch here:

Yesterday Ms. Marianna debuted Episode 2, featuring Farrah Abraham from MTV's "Teen Mom" as co-host. Their guest was Ali Levine, a creative and fabulous celebrity style expert. Watch here:

My husband and I recently watched the pilot episode of the fun new reality show "Stripped," which Ali and her husband were featured in. It was a riot! 

Stay tuned a new episode every other Monday! Episode 3 drops on President's Day, February 19. Check out the trailer for the rest of Beauty and the Boss with Heather Marianna Season One here: 

Best of all, Beauty and the Boss with Heather Marianna is available as a free video Podcast on iTunes! Enjoy on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, Android (with Podcasts app), Apple TV, and more:

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Final Thoughts: Beauty Kitchen July VIP Box

My husband and I love Beauty Kitchen, the all natural skincare brand created by our friend Heather Marianna. Getting our VIP Monthly Box every 30 days is like a never-ending Christmas gift.

Integrity, LGBT charity involvement, and free at-home product recipes are just some of the things that set Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna apart. 

The July VIP Box in all its glory! The fireworks theme reminded of  Katy Perry,&nbsp; so I watched her concert films while unboxing it.&nbsp;

The July VIP Box in all its glory! The fireworks theme reminded of Katy Perry, so I watched her concert films while unboxing it. 

How to save that coin.&nbsp;

How to save that coin. 

For the July VIP Monthly Box and Mini Monthly Box, Heather focused on cleansing. There's a face wash, a body wash, and a soap bar, so the focus is really on getting that summer sweat and dirt off of your body-ody-ody... but not stripping your skin with harmful ingredients!

My hubby  Jake  with his July Mini Monthly!

My hubby Jake with his July Mini Monthly!

Check out my full thoughts on each fab item...

Charcoal Face Wash

After using this once I could tell my pores were a lot cleaner, and the gunk had risen to the surface. Second time, the results were outstanding! My skin was supple and my blackheads were almost invisible. Since then, it's only gotten better.

Heather's charcoal line has a strong natural scent, so you know it's powerful stuff. It's not a bad smell, just that pure charcoal smell a lot of people describe as "medicinal." Medicinal in like a non-Western medicine sorta way. This is nature at work. 

Coconut Lime Body Wash

Hands down, this is my favorite item in the July box. The scent is heavenly. It smells more like lime than coconut, but that coconut element gives it a unique twist.

Heather's gel body wash formulas have always been my favorite, but this one feels different. My body has never felt softer with any other liquid body wash. This proves Ms. Marianna doesn't rest on her laurels, but constantly improves her formulas.

Hawaiian Body Mist

All the nasty crap inside of the "luxury" chemical perfumes at department stores gives me migraines. Literally! Thankfully, as with all of Heather's Beauty Kitchen products, this body mist fragrance is all natural. 

This scent sticks to your skin well, where you don't feel like it goes away right away, and don't need to constantly reapply. It also has skincare built in, so your skin feels like you gave it a little lotion action. 

Apple Soap bar

This soap bar is like the best aromatherapy ever. Throughout the month, I would stick it up to my face and inhale for a little scent-induced mental vacation. It smells like the purest green apple candy. 

It was so hard to open it. I struggled all month, actually. So I didn't. I decided to display it as soap art instead, sort of like some of my older relatives have done over the years. 


Check out out full video unboxing on YouTube:

...and some fun Snapchat highlights from when it arrived: 

How to Get Yours

If you're interested in getting a July box of your own, you have a few options!

1. Subscribe with Free Shipping 

The deluxe VIP Monthly Box is $34.95/month, and the travel and purse-sized Mini Monthly is only $12.95/month. Yearly plans are even cheaper.

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3. Buy a single box by itself, and pay for shipping. 

Hurry! There are only a few of these individually priced boxes in stock!

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