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Woman Crush Wednesday: Ivy Levan

29-year-old Arkansas-native Ivy Levan is a fabulous singer-songwriter, model and actress. I first noticed her earlier this fall when she starred as the Usherette singing "Science Fiction/Double Feature," the opening number of "Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again."

The big-piped Ms. Levan took a big risk covering such a classic opening number, and being the first performer seen on screen in such a high-profile movie remake, and it paid off; she expanded her audience and received much praise from fans and critics alike. 

Ivy Levan's singing voice is powerful, a little gritty, and sexy. Her sound has been described as "blue-eyed soul." My favorite track of hers is "Biscuit," a horn-driven dance pop song in the vein of Christina Aguilera's 2010 single "Not Myself Tonight." Check out the video, it's sexy and the little biscuit character Beau Biscuit is adorable: 

Here are some of my favorite Ivy Levan photographs...

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Man Crush Monday: James Norton

Anglophiles may know 31-year-old English actor James Norton from the "telly," aka British television. Recently the jolly fellow Norton crossed over to the worldwide stage, starring on the season three premiere episode of the mega-hit Netflix original Black Mirror. The episode, entitled "Nosedive," is a scathing satire of our whole validation-obsessed Internet culture, which prefers likes and retweets over meaningful reaction. 

James Norton plays the easygoing, all-American sexy brother of the main character, a big twist on his usually proper Brit roles, but not necessarily a big twist on his true self; as you'll see below, Norton's personal day-to-day style is casually sexy and very unassuming. Chip chip cheerio!

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Inspiration Board: Erika Jayne

If you frequent dance clubs, chances are you've heard one of Erika Jayne's eight #1 hits. That's right, eight #1s. Queen status! Erika has been one of my favorite dance music divas for almost a decade now; I knew her way before she was a Real Housewife. #TrueFan

I love her fierce visuals as much as the tunes themselves. Check out some of my fave photos:

I've been binge watching my way through all six seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I can honestly state that Erika is my favorite addition to the show. What can I say? Gurl keeps it real! I loved that she brought her entire glam squad to Dubai. The overness!

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Inspiration Board: Max Emerson

I recently realized all of my Inspiration Board posts have exclusively featured female celebrities. What about the guys!?

Lately I've been focusing on eating healthier and working out more. Seems like everyone is toward the end of winter. Who better to inspire me than Adonis-like model Max Emerson? #ThirstTrap

In all seriousness, it's seriously inspiring that Max not only achieved physical perfection, but maintains it so well. Scrolling through his Instagram, he looks literally the same from beginning to end. Witch!

He also seems to live a really active and fun life. #Goals

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