Interview: Willam Talks Touring and Final Season of EastSiders

Interview: Willam Talks Touring and Final Season of EastSiders

The singer and actor got candid about a variety of fun topics.



Ask anyone for a list of their favorite drag queens. The name on the most lips? Willam, the versatile singer and actor known for an outrageous sense of humor and impressive IMDb page. The A Star Is Born queen took time to chat with me ahead of headlining the LUSH Pride Block Party on June 20. 

Derek: Your web series Beatdown just started season six and is funnier than ever. How do you keep it so fresh?

Willam: Listening to the fans of the show and taking suggestions has always been my M.O.

D: Suck Less: Where There's a Willam, There's a Way was a creative and innovative read. Will there be a second book?

W: I hope so. The first one sold over 41,000 copies, so I feel like it’s the first of many — or a few, at least.

D: EastSiders season four will be on Netflix this year. What can we expect for your character?

W: Douglas gets married and goes full-on Bridezilla. Stephen Guarino is hilarious and I’m so glad I get to work with him.

D: What is your favorite and least favorite part of touring?

W: I like meeting the fans. They bring me some of the best drugs in the world, and some of the worst fan art ever. Love them all just the same.

D: Congratulations on A Star Is Born. What was your biggest takeaway from the overall experience? 

W: My biggest takeaway is all the great people I got to become friends with. Ve Neill who did the Beetlejuice makeup, and Dave Chappelle, and [Lady] Gaga, and Bradley [Cooper] and Eddie Griffin. So many rad people.

D: In an era of TV revivals, would you ever bring back your hilarious talk show Suck Less

W: I’m down to clown — as long as the check clears.

D: Please give Minneapolis a tease of your LUSH show June 20

W: I usually look at the audience and then decide what to do based on who I see in the crowd. It will be fun, though, with minimal scarring.

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