Replace & Simplify Your Entire Skincare Routine for $25.98!

Lately, I just haven't been into the whole skincare and makeup thing. There, I said it. I'm the writer and owner of a beauty-focused blog, and I'm just over beauty (I'm focused on being obsessed with vinyl and music in general, lol)! I'm not sure why... but I'm sure my makeup obsession will return shortly. I just don't want to give ideas and finds while I'm uninspired. 

In the interim, these are the only two products I'm using. Yes, "the only TWO." Seriously! A lot of you have asked me for simpler solutions, and affordable ones at that. I've solved it all with these two products :)

Product #1: Cleanse & Moisturize

NIP + FAB Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads

Okay, okay. You can say it! I've lost it, I'm certifiably crazy. "Cleanse & Moisturize"... with a PAD!? Yes, darling. Yaaaaas. 

Let me explain. Dragon's Blood. It's amazing. Kids, you can say it's on fleek. Not only does it cleanse away the dirt on your face, it leaves your skin feeling plumped and moisturized... all. Day. Long.

NIP + FAB is available at Ulta, and they're like this secret brand I wish I knew about years ago. I'm not sponsored by them - I wish. So good! And so worth it. $12.99 for 60 PADS. Yes, 60! Makeup wipes in a set of 30 can cost more than $12.99, easily. Look at MAC. 

..."but makeup wipes are probably wetter and easier to use, Derek." Wrong! These little pads are wetter than any makeup remover wipe I've ever tried! To be fair, I use these for cleansing, not makeup removing, but still. 

Product #2: Exfoliate

NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme

Just as wet as the cleansing and moisturizing pads, NIP + FAB's Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme are, well, fab. All the dead skin on my Minnesotan face just wipes right off. Gross, but true. And so necessary. Exfoliating = anti-aging and allowing your skin to breathe! Also $12.99, also 60 pads included.

What's YOUR lazy skincare routine? Comment!

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