#BeautyHacks - Lip Scrub

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Hey, everyone! Fall is here, and my lips are already drying out. Yuck. It's one of the worst feelings, and a pet peeve of mine. TMI, but my lips chap like no other... and it can get painful!

Thankfully I've found lip scrubs, which are probably my #1 beauty hack of all time. My favorite one is from LUSH Cosmetics, Bubble Gum Lip Scrub.

Pick it up for $9.95. Gently scrub your lips with it. Prepare for perfection. It creates a smooth, even, polished surface so that your lip balms and lip masks can soak right in, and ANY lipstick (yes, even matte-drying liquid lipsticks) will go on like an absolute dream. Can I get a YAAAAAS?

What's your favorite fall scent? Mine is pumpkin, 'cuz I'm basic. Leave a comment below!

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