First Impressions! beautyblender

Sephora, $17.95

Sephora, $17.95

Hi, guys! Just thought I'd do a first impressions post about the beautyblender Obviously the full-sized beautyblenders are classic and everyone loves them, but it seems like nobody's really talking about the micro.minis. I've had them for a little bit and have a few things to say about them... read on.

First off, they really are micro... and mini. Pretty small. Thankfully the package comes with two, or you'd lose the one and be S.O.L.. The size is such to blend undereye concealer better than the original... and it does, somewhat. The smaller size lets you get into the nooks and crannies easily, but it also makes the blending kinda harder.

All in all, I feel like the original does everything this one does, and it's an extra one to clean (or two if you use them both all the time). I say skip 'em.

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