Review: SEPHORA COLLECTION Face Mask "Lotus Mask - Moisturizing & soothing"

Sephora, $6 each. More mask types available

Sephora, $6 each. More mask types available

Whew! What a long name for such a simple mask. If you haven't seen these sheet masks, they're pretty cool looking. It's basically cut in the shape of a generic face, and you put it on hoping it will fit. It generally fit my oblong mug. I picked the moisturizing due to my aforementioned very dry skin, and was expecting some long lasting moisture.

Unfortunately, while the mask was instantly *very* hydrating, the effects didn't seem to last very long for me. I felt like the added moisture evaporated off my face within a half hour after I was done masking. Lame! I will say a big plus is that I have severely sensitive skin, and this did not irritate it. Impressive!

This one is kinda a miss for me. Not a big fan, but it was a fun experience. I give 6/10-.

However, I recently received the Pearl Mask from this line as a VIB points reward and am eager to try it. I'll review that, too... don't worry, I got you, gurls!

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