Throwback Beauty: Sevin Nyne by Lindsay Lohan

Back in the late 00s, Sephora was not what it is today. Beauty bloggers had no impact on their sales, celebrities weren't doing major collabs there, and it was kinda just another store in the mall (with a cult following, of course).

The 2010s YouTube beauty guru boom eventually came and changed all that, but Sephora's superstar status began rising in 2008 and 2009 when edgy celebs like Kat Von D and Lindsay Lohan put out their first beauty products there. 


Fun fact! My first ever Sephora purchase was the lotion version of the Sevin Nyne self tanner. It was awesome! It actually went on very dark, so you could see where your tan would be. A little messy, but cleaned off easily. You blended it in until it disappeared. A couple hours later, you were much more tan. 

Sadly, Lindsay and her business partner were accused of stealing the formula from someone else, so Sephora removed it from stores. It's still available on eBay, but my beauty genius friend Heather Marianna doesn't recommend self tanners that are more than two years old. 

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#AskDerek - Best Mascara?

Hey, everyone! Welcome to a new series on the blog, #AskDerek. With #AskDerek I will be highlighting and answering questions that I get from fans on social media. Beauty-related or not! 

On Facebook, Danya asks:

“Derek. The best mascara. Discuss💋”

Hey, Danya! Love the question. I have a drugstore pick, and a high-end favorite!

From the Drugstore: L’Oreal Miss Manga

Hands down the best drugstore mascara. Available in different shades and even a waterproof version, this voluminizing mascara gives high-end alternatives a run for their money. In fact, L’Oreal Miss Manga is a perfect drugstore dupe for Too Faced Better Than Sex, a high-end mascara.

From Sephora and Ulta: They’re Real! by Benefit

By far my favorite mascara ever, this top-and-bottom lash-friendly beauty saves me every time. Clumps? Gurl, where? It just doesn’t clump. It adds volume and length effortlessly. Available in black, brown, green and blue shades, this versatile mascara literally never fails to amaze me.

Hope that answers your question, Danya! Thank you so much for following me. 


P.S. - Check out my post on how I waterproof any mascara by clicking here.

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Review: Sephora Collection Smoothing & Brightening Concealer

Sephora, $14

Hey, everyone! Recently I renewed my VIB status with Sephora for another year (yaaaaas!) and received a complimentary makeover.

I told the makeup artist my main concern. Britney Spears' lack of will to promote her music. Just kidding. My concern was that, despite using nearly every blogger's favorite concealer, MAC Pro Longwear, my under eye dark circles were still visible when I wore makeup.

Thankfully, she had an answer! *Sighs* ...My hero. She sold me on my first Sephora Collection product, the Smoothing & Brightening Concealer. Sephora Collection is Sephora's own generic brand.

The Smoothing & Brightening Concealer has honestly worked like magic for me. I put it on before MAC Pro Longwear, and my under eye circles are invisible. Additionally, the little milia bumps under my eye are smoothed out by the Sephora product.

I definitely recommend the Sephora Collection Smoothing & Brightening Concealer as a primer before concealer, if you struggle with concealing your dark circles. It worked for me!

Do you use concealer? If so, which one do you use? Comment below!

#HolyGrail: Supergoop! SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum With Uniprotect PT-3

Special sunscreen for your face? Have I sold out? Am I un-relatable for recommending this? Nah, your face skin is special and needs special care!

"Supergoop! SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum With Uniprotect PT-3" <--- OMG you guys, just LOOK at that title for this product... holy long. Whatever, my legal last name is 16 characters long - so I'm one to talk! Anyway, this product is fabulous. A little expensive (OK, just kidding, $42 is expensive), it's super long lasting and well worth it. I bought my tube last year and it's still not even near empty... and I use it a lot!

- Smells great
- Really cool texture! It's fun to use.
- Feels great on normal or dry or oily skin (I have any of those depending on the week); adds moisture for us dry girls and boys
- Protects against literally everything... OK, not everything, but it protects against a lot of environmental damage and complex things I'm not scientific enough to understand.

- Not great for sensitive skin
- Print etches off the tube really easily

This product is HIGHLY recommended, y'all! P.S. Try their body sunscreen... the spray version is amazing!

Sephora, $42



Review: SEPHORA COLLECTION Face Mask "Lotus Mask - Moisturizing & soothing"

Sephora, $6 each. More mask types available

Sephora, $6 each. More mask types available

Whew! What a long name for such a simple mask. If you haven't seen these sheet masks, they're pretty cool looking. It's basically cut in the shape of a generic face, and you put it on hoping it will fit. It generally fit my oblong mug. I picked the moisturizing due to my aforementioned very dry skin, and was expecting some long lasting moisture.

Unfortunately, while the mask was instantly *very* hydrating, the effects didn't seem to last very long for me. I felt like the added moisture evaporated off my face within a half hour after I was done masking. Lame! I will say a big plus is that I have severely sensitive skin, and this did not irritate it. Impressive!

This one is kinda a miss for me. Not a big fan, but it was a fun experience. I give 6/10-.

However, I recently received the Pearl Mask from this line as a VIB points reward and am eager to try it. I'll review that, too... don't worry, I got you, gurls!