#HolyGrail: Supergoop! SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum With Uniprotect PT-3

Special sunscreen for your face? Have I sold out? Am I un-relatable for recommending this? Nah, your face skin is special and needs special care!

"Supergoop! SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum With Uniprotect PT-3" <--- OMG you guys, just LOOK at that title for this product... holy long. Whatever, my legal last name is 16 characters long - so I'm one to talk! Anyway, this product is fabulous. A little expensive (OK, just kidding, $42 is expensive), it's super long lasting and well worth it. I bought my tube last year and it's still not even near empty... and I use it a lot!

- Smells great
- Really cool texture! It's fun to use.
- Feels great on normal or dry or oily skin (I have any of those depending on the week); adds moisture for us dry girls and boys
- Protects against literally everything... OK, not everything, but it protects against a lot of environmental damage and complex things I'm not scientific enough to understand.

- Not great for sensitive skin
- Print etches off the tube really easily

This product is HIGHLY recommended, y'all! P.S. Try their body sunscreen... the spray version is amazing!

Sephora, $42



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