Derek's Top 3 Mall Destinations for CHEAP and FAB Clothes

It doesn't even fit in the picture, and they're in a helicopter! Yikes. Good workout, though. At MOA, shopping IS cardio!

It doesn't even fit in the picture, and they're in a helicopter! Yikes. Good workout, though. At MOA, shopping IS cardio!

Hey, everyone! It's officially springtime, and it's starting to feel like summer on certain days. What better time of the year to refresh your wardrobe? Too bad the mall can be overwhelming (especially if you shop at Mall of America like I do half the time... see the photo... ahhh!!!!)...

...that's why I've compiled my Top 3 Mall Destinations for CHEAP and FAB Clothes. Word to the wise, I mostly shop for Men's clothes, but my girls and androgynous folks (the latter is how I identify in fashion a lot of the time) out there can find some great options at these stores, too!

  1. Abercrombie & Fitch - I know, I know! Controversial place. However, they parted ways with their (super plastic looking, meanie pants) CEO who made those body-shaming comments, and they’re reportedly introducing plus size clothing. I would like to see them get a second chance, because their clothing is made from *really* high quality material and lasts through years of washes. Plus, it IS cheap (for what you get - years and years of wear), if you know how to werk it. Sign up for their coupons, shop their deep discount sales (a lot of times the entire store is over 50% off), and most of all, shop their deeply discounted clearance section. I still wear some of my clothes I got there in high school! Is that sad? That’s kinda sad... If your mall has Hollister (A&F's sister store)check out their clearance section for some super comfortable and affordable men's underwear!
  2. Forever21/21Men - Indisputably cheap (for new clothes!) and IMO fab. You could refresh a good chunk of your seasonal wardrobe for the price of a few items at other stores. I mostly shop in their Men’s section (21Men), which is available online and in some physical locations. They have really stylish and fresh men’s fashions that kinda slay, I have to say. That rhymed. Anyway, on occasion when I see a cute hoodie or a unisex-looking shirt in the Women’s section (AKA 90% of the entire store’s floor plan), I’m not afraid to pick it up. Life’s too short!
  3. H&M - I’ve never shopped the Women’s section here before, but the Men’s stuff is sooooooo good! I’m sure our sisters out there will find that to be true of the Women’s garmentz (garments sounded old, so I added the “z”). These clothes fit me better than Forever21/21Men’s clothes, since I have more of the slender/tall/Euroboy androgynous body type. H&M’s Men’s clothes are especially unique because they don’t cater to the “muscle shirt” body type like A&F does (although A&F’s guy clothes look great on my body type, too. Versatility!).

I hope this list was helpful and some of you skeptics of these stores give them a try! Sound off in the comments below and let me know YOUR go to shopping destinations. I'd love to hear!

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