Throwback Beauty: Sevin Nyne by Lindsay Lohan

Back in the late 00s, Sephora was not what it is today. Beauty bloggers had no impact on their sales, celebrities weren't doing major collabs there, and it was kinda just another store in the mall (with a cult following, of course).

The 2010s YouTube beauty guru boom eventually came and changed all that, but Sephora's superstar status began rising in 2008 and 2009 when edgy celebs like Kat Von D and Lindsay Lohan put out their first beauty products there. 


Fun fact! My first ever Sephora purchase was the lotion version of the Sevin Nyne self tanner. It was awesome! It actually went on very dark, so you could see where your tan would be. A little messy, but cleaned off easily. You blended it in until it disappeared. A couple hours later, you were much more tan. 

Sadly, Lindsay and her business partner were accused of stealing the formula from someone else, so Sephora removed it from stores. It's still available on eBay, but my beauty genius friend Heather Marianna doesn't recommend self tanners that are more than two years old. 

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