In Memory of Stevie Ryan (1984-2017)

My friend Stevie Ryan has died at age 33. 

Currently crying because I found out my YouTube friend and someone I have looked up to for over 10 years, Stevie Ryan, committed suicide this weekend.

A lot of you know my brother Justin committed suicide 10 years ago last month. That summer, Stevie Ryan hosted a YouTube video contest in costume as โ€œLittle Loca,โ€ one of her many characters. The topic was โ€œWho or what inspires you the most?โ€

I did my video about my brother and his huge trip around the world he completed not too long before he died. The video was posted under 2 weeks after his suicide. The real life Stevie Ryan, not the character, reached out with an extravagant Edible Arrangement, and a thoughtful and touching card. She also awarded me the grand prize including an original piece of art. When people accused me of faking my brotherโ€™s suicide for attention, she vehemently defended me and shamed her own hateful audience, something barely any celebrities or politicians dare do now, even when itโ€™s right.

This is why fundraisers like the one we did for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention last month are so important. Together we raised $510. That may seem small but it is huge. Especially for a topic and organization that is so totally made taboo by the public and media, who largely pretend doesnโ€™t exist, beyond a television storyline

Stevie Ryan was an accomplished and hilarious, young, beautiful comedian, but she was also a GREAT PERSON and someone I was proud to call a friend. We still casually kept in touch on Twitter and such prior to her death. .

Devastated and wishing her family and friends and fans all the best. ๐Ÿ˜ขโค๏ธ RIP my love, I will never ever ever forget you your talent or your kindness...
— Derek - July 3, 2017