DerekPlease Spring 2015 Playlist - Part I

We're about midway through spring right now, so I thought I'd post part of the playlist I've been bumpin' in my car lately! I drive a lot, so having a go-to, long playlist I can put on shuffle is vital for me.

1. Pretty Girls by Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea - Full disclosure, anyone who's spoke with me for more than five minutes knows Britney is my queen and I've been an obsessed fan since "...Baby One More Time." So a new Britney single? I'm there! This one is catchy and sassy. Also, the music video is easily Britney's most fun video ever! 

2. Right Here, Right Now (feat. Kylie Minogue) by Giorgio Moroder - The legendary inventor of disco and the queen of Australia come together to bring our ears this amazing concoction of pure pop perfection. Can I get a "yaaaas"?

3. Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit) by Omi - A really unique and ultra-cool-sounding song. I love what they did on the vocals in this one; they sound robotic, yet soulful!

4. Black Beauty (Night Crime Remix) by Lana Del Rey - My absolute favorite song off her newest album Ultraviolence, remixed to perfection! The thumping beat takes it from a easygoing jam to a club or workout room smash. 

5. Hallelujah by Panic! At the Disco - One of my favorite bands, going back to their original sound. What could be better? A whole album of songs like this, hopefully...

6. Ghost Town by Adam Lambert - I was a little (okay a lot) mad that Adam Lambert dared to release a song called "Ghost Town" while Madonna is promoting her current single "Ghosttown." However, I am a mature adult (99% of the time) and was able to reconcile this upon realizing "Ghost Town" is a total smash. A great followup to Adam's perfect sophomore album, "Trespassing."

7. Lonely Town by Brandon Flowers - Beautiful song, and really relatable for me having grown up in a small town. The accompanying music video is energetic and haunting.

8. Lovergirl by Teena Marie - I've been obsessed with this song since it was a "lip-synch for your life" challenge song on RuPaul's Drag Race earlier this season. It's so catchy, and such a delicious 80s throwback. 

9. Infinity by Mariah Carey - Her best solo single in years! So jealous of anyone who sees her at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, I wish I go back to Vegas to see it.

10. True Trans Soul Rebel by Against Me! - A really powerful and intensely catchy punk-rock song from trans* frontwoman Laura Jane Grace. This one is super fresh, the lyrics are very relevant, and it gets a huge YAAAS for being so "out there."

What songs are YOU loving this spring? Sound off in the comments!

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