Hand Cream Picks!

Hand cream is an extra luxury item for most, but ESSENTIAL for people dry places like Minnesota in the winter (my own personal hell) or Las Vegas year-round (take me back there! I don’t care if it’s dry, it’s fun!). For me, hand cream is also just… stick with me on this... kinda fun. We use our hands a lot, and it’s nice to be able to take care of them and get a burst of fragrance while we're at it. Lemme fill you in on my three faves…

Ulta,  $6

Ulta, $6

  • Tocca Crema da Mano - Hand Cream Cleopatra - $10, sephora.com
    My best friend Amanda gave me this from her Birchbox because she doesn’t like the texture of lotions. O-M-G, this smells amazing, and the texture is what you expect from hand cream. This is the epitome of luxury, for the scent alone. Considering the perfume version of this is $68 for only 1.7oz… $10 for a 2oz tube of hand cream is a steal to add this gorgeous aroma to your life. 
  • The Body Shop Hand Cream in Coconut, Mango or Shea— $6, Ulta
    This stuff is my #HolyGrail of all hand creams. I use the Coconut - it’s a light, natural coconut scent and… I’d recommend this to Amanda! After it goes on, it’s very matte. I can’t feel any slickness or gross lotion texture from this. It’s just ultra-softening. It makes my hands look younger, too. 
  • BLISS High Intensity Hand Cream - $9, Ulta
    The most natural, delicious scent I just can’t place. Works great on cuticles. My one gripe is that this does have a slightly greasy after feel… but they claim it doesn’t, of course. Don’t be fooled! If you don’t mind this, it’s great.

Do you have a favorite hand cream, or have you tried any of these? Lemme know in the comments!

"What Do You Use?" Sean

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