"What Do You Use?" Sean

Haayyyy, everybody! I'm starting a new series on DerekPlease.com, which I'm calling "What Do You Use?" I'll be asking my friends and influencers why they use the products they use. This time I'm mini interviewing my friend...

Sean, 21

Tell me about yourself in 140 characters or less
My name’s Sean and I make dance music.

What’s your skincare routine like?
Every morning and before I go to bed I use pHisoderm as a cleanser. People who have a lower skin pH have a tendency to have oilier skin, and pHisoderm is supposed to raise it to a more neutral level. 

What’s the moisturizer you use? 
I use the Neutrogena oil free cleanser with SPF for combination skin because it’s non comedogenic and doesn’t make me feel like I bathed in a McDonalds fryer.

What cleanser and moisturizer do YOU use? Sound off in the comments!

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