Got Dry Lips? Lip Care Finds!

Hey, guys! I don't know if anyone else reading this has sensitive or dry lips like me, but it can be a painful and high maintenance life. Not to sound dramatic, but my dry lips are definitely my biggest pet peeve.

I've tried basically everything... the lip balm sticks... the Burt's Bees (which irritate my lips)... the eOS egg-shaped balms (they grow mold if you let them sit unused for a week - 'nuff said). These three balms are my tried and trues, including my #HolyGrail... I love them!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy
- #HolyGrail - It’s my favorite lip balm I’ve tried!
- Actually repairs your dry lips; the more you use it, the less you need it
- Non-addictive, doesn’t contain petroleums or other ingredients that make your lips depend on it
- Applicator wicks away any dead skin on your lips
- Amazing finish… gurrrl, it feels great!
- If you use too little of it, it can leave lips feeling irritated. Don’t be stingy

 Sephora, $12

 Sephora, $12

ULTA Beauty,  $2.49

ULTA Beauty, $2.49

  • Blistex Moisture Melt

    - Has SPF 15 to prevent aging
    - CHEAP - like $2.49 cheap
    - Longer lasting
    - Leaves a soft, plump texture
    - Occasionally irritates my lips
    - The applicator has pointy plastic edges that can scratch your lip if you’re not careful

LUSH Cosmetics , $7.25

LUSH Cosmetics, $7.25

  • LUSH Honey Trap Lip Balm

    - Gently exfoliates - gets rid of that nasty, dead skin!
    - Very natural
    - Great finish, feels amazing
    - You have to put your finger in it… hello, germs!

"What Do You Use?" John Norman

"What Do You Use?" Sean