First Impressions: “2 Minute Tyover” by Tyra Cosmetics

A warning before we begin: I LOVE Tyra Banks. She’s so upbeat, funny, and down-to-earth. That’s saying something, considering she’s a gorgeous supermodel. So it was just a matter of time before I tried something from her new makeup line, Tyra Beauty. Gurrrl, you know I watch America’s Next Top Model! Even my manly husband loves that show. Oops - I revealed his secret!

"Sculpt in a Stick (left)" and "Light in a Stick (right)" are available together or separately on

"Sculpt in a Stick (left)" and "Light in a Stick (right)" are available together or separately on

I received this on Friday, and I’ve used this every single day since I got it! Well, the highlighter, at least. The contour stick (“Sculpt in a Stick”) is a little trickier to work with, and pretty dark, so I only use it when I have proper lighting to ensure I’ve blended correctly. Ooh, don’t I sound fancy in my wording today? This is not to say that the contour stick is whack (oops, significantly less fancy wording alert!)… it’s just less easy to work with. If you have proper lighting, it’s great to work with.

The highlighter (“Light in a Stick”) is AMAZING. It’s perfect for highlighting your nose, the top of your cheekbones, and the cupid’s bow above the upper lip. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous color. Maybe my new holy grail highlighter…? We'll see.

BOTH of these products blend like an absolute dream. I've heard that you need to set a cream contour with a powder, but I didn't have any problems with "Sculpt in a Stick" on its own. Use a Beauty Blender, then lock it in with a makeup setting spray and you're set!

Alternatively, you can use your fingers to blend; that's a great method for guys, because this product is subtle enough to be easy for makeup beginners or men who want a natural look.

"Light in a Stick" comes highly recommended.
"Sculpt in a Stick" comes recommended.

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