Quick “No Makeup” Flawless Look - Great for Men!

An easy, quick no-makeup look for women, men, and anyone in between!

An easy, quick no-makeup look for women, men, and anyone in between!

Hey, guys! I have a good number of guys who read my blog, but don't wear makeup. Additionally, female readers who just don't use a lot of makeup. I thought I'd create a look great for a quick "turn up," formal occasions, or when you want to look your best nearly effortlessly.

Feel free to skip anything here that makes you uncomfortable.

Base: Benefit POREfessional Mini ($10, Ulta)
Don’t freak out that this has a beige tint to it when you squeeze it out; once it blends in, it’s completely translucent. It’s super easy to blend into your skin a circular motion; it’s impossible to mess up.

Puffy undereyes? Dark circles? Check out my 1-2 Punch!

Scarring or Other Imperfections: L’Oreal Miracle Blur ($18, Target)
I take a small squeeze of this and massage it into my pitted acne scars to fill them in and blur the appearance of pores and tiny lines. It’s perfect under foundation, but for guys who don’t like foundation, it’s fabulous alone.

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel ($22, Ulta)
This one’s perfect for giving your brows that put together, cleaned up look. However, it’s so clear you can’t tell you did anything. Smooth the applicator over your brows slowly to achieve a great look.

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