#NotSoMuch: MAC Lipglass Clear

MAC, $15

MAC, $15

Hey, guys! Since I started this blog, a surprising amount of people have asked me to talk about products I DON’T like. What kind of negativity!?! Reason being I can help you avoid my mistakes. I like this idea and have decided to start a new series, called #NotSoMuch. 

#NotSoMuch posts will be about items that didn’t make me want to bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles. Today’s #NotSoMuch comes from what’s probably my favorite make-up brand, MAC Cosmetics.

Now I own many MAC products I love, but my first ever order from them included the Lipglass Clear (yes, glass, not gloss - I don’t know why either, don’t ask me! lol). I was really excited, because I heard of the brand’s quality and was expecting great things from their lip gloss— err, glass. 

Sadly, it’s goopy… it’s sticky… it tastes unpleasant… the texture is just all wrong. It’s a mess. I can’t speak to their colored Lipglass, because I haven’t tried any of them, but the clear is just a no. 

What’s a product YOU’ve been displeased by? Let me know! Comment below.

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