Summer Playlist 2015 - Part II

Hey, guys! A lot of you have been loving my music posts, so I'm back with the sequel to my Summer Playlist 2015 - Part I.

1. Tom's Diner (feat. Britney Spears) by Giorgio Moroder

My queen never disappoints, and this collaboration with the legendary dance music innovator is no exception. 

2. Light in Places by Peaches

Speaking of queens, the queen of electroclash, Peaches is back! Yes, yes, YAAAS. It's been years since her flawless album "I Feel Cream" dropped, and "Light in Places" got me so excited for her new album "Rub," I pre-ordered the clear vinyl right away.

3. No Sleeep by Janet Jackson

She's back. Ms. Jackson if you're nasty. This song seems slow, but if you turn it up, it's an amazing dance jam. Lots 'o' bass!

4. Bitch I'm Madonna by Madonna

The queen of pop ain't playing around, and neither is Nicki Minaj - the rap diva delivers the best guest verse of her career thus far.

5. Tempted (feat. Matthew Koma) by Giorgio Moroder

While my search for the perfect male pop star answer to Britney Spears continues, Matthew Koma's voice comes close to it. Great vocal performance!

6. Good for You (feat. A$AP Rocky) by Selena Gomez

In her first non-Disney solo single on her new record label Interscope, Selena defies expectations by going the slow burn route. And it's a big "yaaaaas."

What's YOUR favorite song of the moment? Leave a comment below!

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