Twin Cities Pride + My Birthday Weekend 2015

Haaay, guys! Every year my birthday (June 29) lands on or around Pride weekend here in the Twin Cities. Even though Pride tends takes a little shine away from my special day, I've embraced it and started participating in more events.

As a member of the LGBT community, it's truly inspiring to see so many of us being ourselves, and allies there for support (yes, I know the difference - the gaydar is strong with this one!). Here's a smashing recap of my 2015 Pride + birthday weekend.


The weekend kicked off in a big & beautiful way - me, my husband, and my mom went to see the one and only, chunky yet funky, Latrice Royale! Latrice never disappoints. Girl was on point. I'd like to personally thank Grown & Sexy Productions for having her at their event this year!

We met up with our friends Amanda and Pete (two of my BFFs), and some of their friends, and had a great time. Any night that ends at a diner with some good 'ol greasy food gets a big yaaaaaaas from me!


Amanda and I met up again to go explore the Pride festival in Loring Park, which is always fun. It's cool to see all the local vendors' tents and booths, as well as which big companies come out in support of the community. Also, free things. Lots of free things. Free is nice. 

We opted for the VIP experience for Pride in Concert this year, because Peaches. Yes, Peaches. We even got free VIP Uber rides to and from, which was awesome. 

The VIP tent at the concert was really cool. Free unlimited drinks, snacks, and a great, sectioned off view of the show.

Peaches crowdwalking. That's right, she WALKED on their hands!

Peaches crowdwalking. That's right, she WALKED on their hands!

First up on stage was MAYDA, who we hadn't heard of before, but put on a great show. She had an amazing stage presence, weaving in and out of different musical stylings and genres effortlessly. Definitely going to check out more of her music.

Next, we saw Hunter Valentine. What a cool band! They're like the anti-girl group girl group; loved their sound. Amanda especially did, and we each ended up getting a signature from one of the band members. 

Finally, PEACHES. The moment I've been waiting for since I was a pimply (well, I'm still pimply) teenager. Peaches. Killed. It. I was slayed. She played some new songs and some great classics (the latter of which I knew all the words to). It was well worth the wait and the VIP price. Can't wait to see her again this fall!


The day before my birthday! My husband and I had some friends over to celebrate the occasion. I played a music video playlist that got some interesting pop music commentary going, we had some fun food and drinks, and of course, played Cards Against Humanity. Overall a pretty chill night and a lot of fun.


My actual birthday! It was a relaxing day - the only thing I really did was go out to dinner with my parents and husband. My favorite restaurant... Mexican food. Yum. 

Did you go to a Pride celebration this year? Comment below!

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