#AskDerek - Ombre Lips

Hey, blog fam! Welcome back to #AskDerek, a series where I highlight and answer questions that I get from fans on Facebook (Derek Murawski), Twitter (@DerekPlease), Snapchat (DerekPlease) and Instagram (@DerekPlease). Beauty-related or not! 

On Facebook, Laura asks:
I have to #AskDerek... how do you feel about all the rave with people doing ombre lips? Any nifty tips? Here's one I did months ago...

Hey, Laura! Thanks for your interesting #AskDerek. I personally feel that ombre lips are awesome, and so on trend with the contouring and highlighting craze. Giving our lips lighter or darker color in certain areas can certainly change the way they look, and it's fun to see how people are experimenting. 

I see you're using the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick. Great choice! I do have a few tips with that one. First, make sure you use a lip scrub and a lip mask before any liquid lip. This will keep your liquid lip from drying your lips out and looking a mess. But from the looks of your picture, you already knew that! Slay.

The real secret with JSC VLL is to work in coats. It will last so much longer if you apply 2-3 coats, versus one. The color payoff with multiple coats? Insane. Gorgeous. Flawless. Like you!

xoxo D

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#AskDerek - How Did You Meet Your Husband?

Hey, all! Welcome back to my newest series on the blog, #AskDerek. With #AskDerek I highlight and answer questions that I get from fans on Facebook (Derek Murawski), Twitter (@DerekPlease), Snapchat (DerekPlease) and Instagram (@DerekPlease). Beauty-related or not! 

On Facebook, Lane asks:

“How did you and the hubby meet?”

On Facebook, Ash asks:

“How did you meet your husband? <3”

On Facebook, Wendyann asks:

“How did you meet your husband?”

Hey, Lane, Ash & Wendyann! Thanks for the question. I actually have known of my husband most of my life, having grown up in the same small town. However, I officially met my husband through my best friend, Amanda. She introduced us and the rest is history! For the full story in our own words, check out my Husband Tag video, below:

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#AskDerek - Best Mascara?

Hey, everyone! Welcome to a new series on the blog, #AskDerek. With #AskDerek I will be highlighting and answering questions that I get from fans on social media. Beauty-related or not! 

On Facebook, Danya asks:

“Derek. The best mascara. Discuss💋”

Hey, Danya! Love the question. I have a drugstore pick, and a high-end favorite!

From the Drugstore: L’Oreal Miss Manga

Hands down the best drugstore mascara. Available in different shades and even a waterproof version, this voluminizing mascara gives high-end alternatives a run for their money. In fact, L’Oreal Miss Manga is a perfect drugstore dupe for Too Faced Better Than Sex, a high-end mascara.

From Sephora and Ulta: They’re Real! by Benefit

By far my favorite mascara ever, this top-and-bottom lash-friendly beauty saves me every time. Clumps? Gurl, where? It just doesn’t clump. It adds volume and length effortlessly. Available in black, brown, green and blue shades, this versatile mascara literally never fails to amaze me.

Hope that answers your question, Danya! Thank you so much for following me. 


P.S. - Check out my post on how I waterproof any mascara by clicking here.

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